Most people know that Iron Maiden wrote a song about Alexander the Great, but others aren’t sure about whether or not this historical figure enjoyed music. Can we talk about Alexander the Great music? We’re going to take a brief look at Alexander’s life and answer the question about his […]

Alexander The Great Music

by Björn Manfred Kraus History is not an indisputable collection of absolute truths. History is enjoyed as the documentation of the past, still there can usually be contrasting perspectives and interpretations of any 1 event. In purchase to really know the past, we should fuse our knowledge of recorded evidence […]

History and Memory

by jpellgen Discovered in China, tea has exerted a deep influence on societies and cultures throughout the globe. The tea story starts in China around 5,000 years ago. the famous Emperor of China and inventor of agriculture and Chinese medication was drinking a bowl of boiling water some time around […]

history of tea

Photo by Steve Snodgrass The buy of the initial guitar pedal will be accompanied by thoughts of well-known electrical guitar players, of many variants of rock, or the distinctive sound of blues. Maybe you’ll even think of 1 or 2 jazzy tunes, but scarcely ever of musical theater. Find out […]

Some Things About Musicals