Movie Posters

by kerim Linen Backing is the many widly accepted system for preservation and renovation of authentic classic movie posters and different art. Many dealers and main auction houses regularly provide linen supported posters in their inventories or auctions. It is not unusual for collectors to have their whole collections linen supported. The procedure […]

Original Movie Posters – Linen Backing

by Space Cadet Marko Movie Posters, the Original Trailers What might films be without film posters? Movie poster are fantastic marketing components and lead greatly to box workplace sales. Movie poster prints as big, graphical formats serve as the earliest shape of teasers and trailers. Over the years, artistic designs […]

Movie Poster Design

by Traumatron Illustration In the early days, the names of stars failed to appear found on the posters, that the film studios liked, because it meant paying stars less funds. It completely was during this early period in film history, but, that film studios realized film stars were as abundant […]

Movie Poster Collecting