by wallyg Confucius lived in about 500BC. At that time chinese code guides dialect programs religion consisted of various gods and spirits and veered toward mysticism and Taoism. there is not any center religious authority and actual exercise might vary generally between homes and between parts. Confucius appears to have […]

The Philosophy and Legacy of Confucius

by jddunn Many cultures and moral philosophies have promoted so-called selflessness, like the ethical doctrine of altruism by Auguste Comte (who coined the expression altruism). Perhaps as a happen, other philosophies have promoted so-called selfishness, including the ethical doctrine of Egoism and Ayn Rand’s strategy of Objectivism. Putting prescriptive morality […]

Ethical Philosophy: Selfishness and Kindness

by Sean MacEntee Most persons have a rather misguided learning of the term mystical. Many persons think unicorns and 2 headed beasts when they hear the term mystical. It is usually connected with mythology and fairytales. The true meaning of mystical, though, is more complex and real then that of […]

Discovering Mystical Philosophies

by Multitude So. What is Philosophy? You really clicked on to read an post on strategy? So in the event you haven’t absolutely clicked back I learn I’ve just got a some seconds left to impress. So I’ll provide my fast description of what strategy is. Firstly, it isn’t rapid. […]

So. What exactly is Philosophy?