Chinese Culture – A Conglomeration Of Multiple Cultures

The Distinguishing Features of Ancient Chinese Culture

A Long History with Great Recording of History Chinese culture has a recorded history of 5000 years. These 5000 years is retraced in historic books.
Rich Contents Few folks have realized that the conventional Chinese culture is not 1 culture but a conglomeration of numerous cultures of different tribes and different periods. As an example, Buddhism wasn’t a native religion of China. It spread into China from India through West Asia. Many West Asian tribes were believing Buddhism.

They were defeated by the Turkic tribe and then began to immigrate into China. They brought Buddhism into China. Buddhism later became among the main religions of China. The Chinese land was governed by different tribes in history. But, unlike alternative colonizers, the different governors in China’s history didn’t destroy the mainstream Chinese culture. They accepted the culture and code, and enriched the Chinese culture by adding contents off their own culture. The historic China may be the many multi-culturalized nation in the planet.

With all these enrichments, every aspect of Chinese culture, including the food, clothing, or drama, religion etc, has extremely wealthy contents.
Semi-divine Culture at the Early Stage At the early stage of Chinese history, Chinese culture became a semi-divine culture, in which divine beings were living together with people and training culture to people straight. Chinese persons who lived at the Kun-lun Mountain survived the Big Flood. So Chinese culture had a continuous development within the Pre-Big-Flood period.

The many deep components of Chinese culture, like I Ching, Ba Gua etc, really were inherited within the Pre-Big-Flood period.  Unique Language Chinese characters are imitations of object shapes, while alternative code of human types are largely symbols to describe pronunciations. The code has become surprisingly meaningful after every word being explicated by all of the people and occasions that have occurred in the extended history.

Now A Buried Culture The present governing Communist Party took energy in China in 1949. It turned out to become the just governor that has committed a total destruction of Chinese culture. Then in mainland China, the school text books and media are filled with Communism contents. The real conventional Chinese Culture is not there in China’s mainstream society. We will just try to locate the real Chinese culture in historic books.

In summary, the Chinese culture is a big hidden repository of treasures that is to be noticed and restored.

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