Why Choose An Android Tablet

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It’s actually a bit pointless trying to convince an Apple fan to look at the Android tablet. However, there are rational consumers who are willing to look beyond the iPad. For these objective buyers, here are a few reasons why the Android tablet is actually a better choice than an Apple device.

For starters, an iPad buyer gets all the hardware and the operating system from Apple itself. Put simply, there is no real choice regarding size, cost, service and support, features, and so on. Apple maintains complete control over the rights and how the device is used, which leaves consumers with less choice.

So while the 9.56″ iPad is the only choice for Apple users, those who prefer Android tablets can choose from a host of manufacturers offering different sizes and models ranging from 5″ to 10+”. Apple only added cameras to its latest iPad version after it became obvious that it was essential. Others have been offering devices with two cameras (for the front and back) for quite some time now.

Open Source: Apple’s iOS is not open source and developers have to work with whatever changes Apple decides to incorporate. The Android OS, on the other hand, is an open source project based on Linux. There’s an army of developers working hard to add features and make it better, on top of the fact that any manufacturer can choose to use it which reduces the net cost for consumers.

Processing Power: Another thing which Apple has kept a tight lid on is the processing power. They could use more powerful processors capable of multi-tasking, but that would need changes to the rest of the device to support the advanced computing needs. For instance, the battery would drain faster and its life would be reduced.

In short, Apple would be forced to re-design the entire device. They’re resisting it so far but other manufacturers have already incorporated the necessary changes. There are tablets out there now that are much more powerful and capable of taking on tasks that the iPad cannot handle.

Replacements: It’s virtually impossible to provide service and support for a single mold device like the iPad, which has no screws. Apple has to replace the entire device if a customer’s battery dies out. Android-based tablets don’t have this problem, and their manufacturers can easily provide service agencies with individual parts that can be replaced cheaply.

iTunes: iPad users are forced to sync with iTunes for transferring downloads purchased from another device to the iPad. The Android marketplace has no such tangled procedure required. Users can buy apps on any device and send it straight to the tablets without any syncing required.

The bottom line here is that it is all about choice. On one side is the shiny and sleek Apple device which is considered hip and cool, but offers no real choice. On the other hand is an Android tablet which provides a variety of options, manufacturers and real value for consumers.

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