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“Manuel is a true visionary” Sean Kastner




“A musical genius” Holger E. Metzger

“An exceptional individual” Donald Sewell


“An engaging experience” Ilker Yoldas

Manuel Marino Painting by DALL-E Artificial Intelligence

Enlist my services to craft an exceptional OrchestralHorrorScifi Cinematic Soundtracks

The foundation of remarkable orchestral compositions lies in innate talent and original ideas. To achieve a genuine orchestral sound, I utilize a custom orchestra with a professional setup designed to emulate authentic orchestral behavior.

By incorporating human elements rather than relying on pitch-perfect computer-generated orchestras with polished sounds and precise timing, I ensure that the music retains its artistic essence without sounding robotic or artificial. To accomplish this, I introduce humanization into various aspects of my tracks, mimicking the nuances of a real orchestra.

Authentic orchestras consist of numerous violins played by individual performers, each with distinct sounds (pitch), timings, and performance styles. These subtle variations contribute to the beloved “choral” effect of orchestral strings. My custom orchestra replicates this effect, consistently delivering the impression of a real orchestra.

Please find the links to my cinematic soundtracks gigs below if you are interested in collaborating with me to create music for your projects:


Manuel and I worked closely on my most recent
short film, ‘Brain Science’

Manuel and I worked closely on my most recent
short film, ‘Brain Science’, a piece that is very
difficult to score, given the complexity and
challenges created by a story that straddles
Western and Chinese cultural boundaries.

Manuel picked up the story’s emotional and
subtextual beats perfectly, demonstrating his
outstanding skills and talent in interpreting the
complexities of human conflict. Manuel
possesses the rare ability to apply his musical
genius to projects that transcend any cultural,
stylistic or artistic limitations. (HOLGER E. METZGER)

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