Claude Kelly and Britney Spears’ Songs

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Femme Fatale is upcoming album of Britney Spears’ , that is programmed to out tomorrow on March 29, has been tipped as a saucy but dark LP that has everything to do with club and dance music. One of the less talked about tunes, which holds the essence of the entire album in it happens to be the fiery self explanatory track ‘Gasoline,’- a Claude Kelly created track. According to Kelly, he wrote this track while concentrating found on the sexiest moments of Britney’s industry.

Speaking out in an interview with MTV , Kelly mentioned that when he was composing the track , the theme he desired to emulate was that of the 1 displayed in past Britney tunes like ‘Toxic,’ ‘Slave 4 U’ and ‘Boys.’ he mentioned that Britney in the physically hot club with men around her is a popular theme and he thought that revisiting it when more will be a great deal of fun. He mentioned that despite the reality some can think that Britney wouldn’t have been capable to recreate the type of ‘man-eater’ persona that she was when recognized for in her raunchy tunes, she really pulled it off without breaking a sweat, proving that she nonetheless has exactly what it takes to do whatever she wants.

Kelly has also worked with all the Oops I Did It Again-singer in the past, with his title track for her last album Circus being the highlight of his job, in Femme Fatale he sought to crank it up a notch and he think it is actually what Team-Britney has performed. He said that Britney sounds fresh and different in the track he prepared for her, which was really recorded in the absence of Kelly in a Los Angeles studio. Kelly was busy functioning on different side projects at that time.

The songwriter recalled that Britney told her she wants the record to sound and look edgy again, and that produced her think what could he do to provide Britney that element which she was demanding of him. So he ventured into her past dark albums like Blackout, and mixed its murkiness along with her intimate magnetism and produced ‘Gasoline.’

He added that the track is a mixture of sexiness, dark theme along with a bit of Blackout-like mysteriousness, and hint of semi playful flavor in the background. Kelly thinks that through this track, he has been capable to project what Britney is feeling today.

One thing he assured is the fact that the party might keep on going until Femme Fatale has been played, and he believes that will be the piece many appreciated by the fans. It’s a popular knowledge that Britney likes to dance and Kelly thinks that the album was created only thus that the feel advantageous element as well as the dance girl hidden inside Britney might be unleashed.

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