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Robert Benson (if you remember he wrote An Explosion of Blues Music) this time gave me a review about the next big star in Country Music, Laura Roppe (pronounced ro-pay). She has a Shania Twain-like quality and already is receiving major air play in Europe. Robert said me also that he has just launched a giveaway for his ebook “The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting” and now it is a free download! The ebook is for anyone who loves music and records and is full of great details about vinyl.

Country Music Star Is Unleashed!

Apparently being the runner up in Kenny Chesney’s “Next Big Star Competition” in May of 2008 is just the springboard that Country Music’s next star needed, as Laura Roppe’s debut CD (homepage) can attest to. The CD “Girl Like This” will soon take the country music scene by storm, as this engaging singer/songwriter is more than just country music ear candy.

For many years, her career in music had taken a back seat to a legal career, marriage and being a mother, but when the ‘music itch’ became too strong, she resumed her career in music. In 2006, Laura was the lead singer of the popular Southern California cover band CoolBandLuke, belting out cover tunes from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Blondie, Lucinda Williams, and Kelly Clarkson. Combining an eclectic mix of influences (such as the Indigo Girls, Carly Simon, Shania Twain among many others) and Laura’s unique voice and fresh style, the debut CD is a compelling array of edgy country girl sounds and rare, intoxicating country flavors.

Let’s explore the music: The single, “Mama Needs A Girls Night Out,” is certain to top mainstream Country Radio and is full of fun country music, memorable lyrics (“babies on the brain” and “put your skinny jeans on”) and a “Mom’s Gone Wild” chorus that every mother who hears the cut can identify with. And when you add inventive guitar work, titillating fiddle work and stellar musicianship-you have a recipe for success. The title cut, “Girl Like This,” combines a Shania Twain-like sassiness with an infectious melody and will be right at home on the Country Music Charts.

“Fly Fly Fly,” with Edie Brickel-like vocals, is a fun, country ditty and just makes you tap your foot with anticipation and sing along. “Float Away” may remind some of Jodie Messina, but others may hear vintage Carly Simon and the song is sung with angelic precision and passion. The cut “Little Daughter” may be her signature ballad, with poignant, emotional lyrics that is sung and played with tenderness and warmth that shows you that it is sincere.

Other songs include the sashaying cut “Ooh La La,” with great guitar licks adeptly mixed with her unique country growl and spicy solos. “Come To Me” is another fantastic country number, with dreamy lyrics and achingly tender acoustics. “Sing A Love Song” is full of inventive harmonies and an irresistible chorus. And the cut, “Crazy About You And Me,” just may be a new look at love gone wrong and has a delicious catchiness to it.

All in all, there is not a weak cut on Laura Roppe’s debut CD, “Girl Like This”. The music transcends typical country music boundaries and is full of expressive vocals, polished country pop and well-crafted instrumental sections and will certainly take the country music scene by storm. This stunning debut is just what country music has been looking for and I, for one, can’t wait to hear more!

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  • Leslie Edwards 25 May, 2013 at 2:23 am

    She has an amazing voice! Thanks for sharing her
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..How To Promote Your MusicMy Profile

  • Manuel Marino
    20 July, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    yes, she is great!
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Witness The Masterpiece In African ArtMy Profile

  • Brian
    20 June, 2015 at 12:42 am

    hmm I like better LAURA BRYNA she is way hotter and a better singer and she is also been in the country music industry since 2006 has more experience. Anyway, thats my own opinion

  • Manuel Marino
    15 August, 2015 at 10:34 am

    I don’t know her, but I’ll check online and listen to few of her songs. Thanks for sharing this!
    Manuel Marino recently posted..Music As A Creative PhraseMy Profile

  • zopaudio 1 May, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Thanks for sharing great post Music Starting Successfully. I always looking for this type Music. I Really enjoyed county music.

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