Dark Fantasy Books: Three Great Series For You To Enjoy

Fantasy Books
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Generating a conclusive list of the number one dark fantasy books is impossible with all the sheer quantity of brilliant functions available. The collections revealed below were chosen because: they are fairly latest contributions, each is a brilliant illustration of the genre as well as the skills of its writer and, while providing a fantastic beginning point for visitors approaching the genre for the first-time, is a desirable read for veterans.

Brent Weeks – The Night Angel Trilogy: Dark and gritty, these books tell the story of orphan and guild-rat Azoth who ends up becoming an apprentice to the wetboy (magically-enhanced master assassin) Durzo Blint. Azoth should today become Kelsier Stern, wetboy-in-training. He should turn his back on his older lifetime, embroil himself in a globe of hazardous magic and lethal politics, and, above all – embrace his character as a bringer of death.

Weeks’ characters are masterfully built, and his dystopian planet is really well-realized you are able to smell it. Should you liked Christopher Nolan’s takes on Batman, you’ll love this trilogy.

The Keys To The Kingdom Series, by Garth Nix: Arthur Penhaligon is mid-way through a fatal asthma attack when his existence is saved with a stranger handing him a big clock’s minute-hand. This stranger is the mysterious Mister Monday (title character of the initially book), as well as the clock-hand Arthur today has is not a average object. It is the initially Key to the Home – a multidimensional kingdom populated by mythological figures and different bizarre characters. Factors have gone incorrect with all the Architect’s creation, nonetheless, and young Arthur should overthrow the lords who control the Home, claim their Keys and employ those to conserve the universe.

Though geared for young visitors, elder visitors ought not to overlook this series. Nix likes allusion, and cameos from figures from Greek and Norse mythology, religious texts and alternative classic literature are delightful to know for those who grasp the far-reaching thematic connotations. The series’ irony and humor is additionally sophisticated and interesting.

The Mistborn Trilogy (Brandon Sanderson): The harsh planet of the Mistborn series, where ash falls within the sky and sinister mists blot out the evening, is the happen of a epic battle between wise and wicked that occurred a 1000 years ago. Evil claimed. And the Dark Lord nevertheless holds all under his iron direction. While the rest of the globe waits for some prophesied hero, a group of magic-wielding thieves choose to take issues into their own hands, trying a heist found on the Dark Lord himself.

Sanderson, being the selected 1 to continue the Wheel of Time series (the legacy of the late, amazing Robert Jordan) attests, is a master storyteller, as well as the above paragraph refuses to do this trilogy of good dark fantasy books justice.

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