Digital Music Distribution for Indie Bands and Musicians

Indie Pop
by der_tritonWhat does it imply to be a Do It Yourself (DIY) artist? What’s the meaning of Digital Music Distribution, today?

There’s definitely that now, independent bands and musicians will do items that they might just dream about 10 years ago. Even in the 1980s, many bands and musicians played nearby and were largely acknowledged nearby. Then, with all the click of the switch, they will reach out to hundreds of their many involved, fanatic fans all over the globe. Digital music distribution is only 1 illustration. The distributor iMusician Digital in Europe delivers your music to 220 – 300 stores (!!) for a easy, once-off fee. Included are the big worldwide stores like iTunes, Amazon or Spotify even so they moreover include the key stores from each linguistic region: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin etc because, depending on your code and enthusiast base, these stores may account for 10% to even 50% of the sales.

If you create dance music, reggae or traditional music, then you’ll moreover require the specialized boutique stores like Beatport, JunoDownloads or

But distribution is just half the story. Though the distributor may be capable to receive your music into these stores within days (placing your music within hands reach of the fans), how are your fans meant to locate it if they’re not trying to find it.

And this brings us to the essence of the article: The single most crucial task for you ambitious DIY artists is making your fans understand where to locate your music. And this really is age old art of PR and marketing…. And today, we’re speaking hardcore company. The idea a band or musician could discover stardom with a some tools like digital music distribution, a twitter and facebook account is a myth along with a lay of huge proportions. Let’s repeat that simply thus the point isn’t lost: No band usually discover achievement by generating neighbors, fans or follows on facebook or twitter.

This is mis-education within the media because everyone likes stories of self-made heroes however they not discuss the hugely savvy PR/Marketing persons in the bands or their groups. That story wouldn’t be very thus sexy, might it? These savvy PR and advertising folks recognize the better aspects of interacting with their fans. They don’t tweet, “Hey men, purchase my brand-new single” but quite, “Who was at my gig last evening?” and therefore generating interaction with their fans. They recognize the complex interaction of cross-promoting their gigs with their recording with their online community. They understand how to bring online persons offline (to gigs) and offline individuals online to their facebook, twitter or the e-mail inbox. PR and advertising are the central ingredients of company andwhat bands and musicians have to recognize when they embark on their DIY journey is the fact that they are beginning their own business.

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