Evolving technology

Photo by JayPLee
If the movie ‘Back to the Future’ had been a prediction of what 2015 is a lot like, it looks like the writers were a tiny off.

It’s unpleasant nevertheless because I want a hover board and a flying car but I just don’t see that happening in the future 4 years.

Of course, whether they did devise flying cars, they wouldn’t legalize them, but that’s neither here nor there.

We may not have that shape of technologies in a years, but that’s not to state we’re not advanced in technologies. Just consider how far we’ve come in the last years.

If you look back to when you were growing up, you may remember an era without the internet, or a time when you used bunny-ear antennas to cause the TV more clear. You may even remember using a black-and-white TV with knobs on it to turn the channel.

One thing that stands out in my memory is how high-tech caller ID was. The considered recognizing who was phoning before you select up the phone was an incredible concept, and now, we (myself included) won’t answer the phone if we don’t understand who’s phoning.

Speaking of phones, those details have advanced greatly.

Remember when you had to stay in 1 area when talking found found on the phone? If you went too far, the cord wold come within the phone, causing you to do away with connection. A good answer for this was the cordless phone, what a great advancement.

I-Phones and Droids are a big step up from that. They’re therefore over certainly phones. Pretty soon, nobody may have landlines anymore. Pay phones are difficult to get. Consider going to the film store. When was the last time you did that? It’s maybe been about 4 or five years for me, but over possibly, I won’t ever experience that again.

With aspects like Netflix and Redbox, there’s no need to go to a film store. Why waste time, gas and cash to shop about for a movie when you’re capable to obtain it rapidly?

I’m excited for what the future of techn

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