Folk Music Genres – Folk Punk 1 Erik Balkey: the one to wat... Erik Balkey: the one to watch in American folk music. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When persons think of folk music, practically the last thing they think of associating it with is punk. Surprisingly there is these a thing as Folk Punk.

In the early days, folk punk was recognised as rogue folk and is a fusion of folk music and punk rock. The Pogues were among the first bands play this kind of music during the early 1980s. They had a lot of commercial achievement with this genre of music producing various top 10 hits. Their largest hit was Fairytale of NY.

The massive most of folk punk bands write and do fresh music that they write themselves. In the folk genre this really is unusual, many different folk bands re-work conventional lyrics and music when they work. When folk punk bands do employ conventional folk music as a basis for their tunes, they tend to employ sea shanties and gypsy music.

The Pogues, Billy Bragg, The Levellers, and Oysterband are amongst the largest folk punk bands. The Men They Couldn’t Hang are another common punk folk band, but are not yet really commercially lucrative. They work an English shape of folk punk, a great deal of individuals, who never usually like folk music or punk rock, like.

American folk punk is a new a lot more common genre of folk punk. Violent Femmes pioneered this genre of music. Popular American Folk bands include Ghost Mice, The Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Defiance, Ohio and Against Me!. The most of these bands record found on the Plan-It-X-Record label. Many American folk punk bands began their jobs playing conventional punk rock, but turned to American folk punk in the early 2000s. American folk punk music is generally politically inspired and anarchist in nature, so it is actually closer to its punk rock origins than folk punk is.

Celtic punk is a synonymous genre of folk music that has its origins in Folk punk. It fuses Celtic or Irish music with punk rock. It is additionally commercially effective, but on a small scale than folk punk.

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  • James M. Becher 19 February, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Thanks for the info. I never heard of such a thing as folk-punk. I guess I’ll have to add something about it to my squidoo lense American Folk Music, Past, Present and Future.

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