French electronic music

French electronic music represents a remarkable blend of rhythm and melody. Many of the present day dance numbers have inspiration of French electronic music. Whichever club you go to, you’ll hear French electronic music or synonymous type of music with thick affects from French electronic music.

French electronic music is characterized by the following qualities:

• Disco vibe
• Crisp beats
• And sharp tone

French electronic music has retained its popularity since the time it was formed. The popularity of French electronic music is growing with all the days and it may be expected that it may continue to grow. There is not any chance music may lose its popularity. It is a music which provides you a great deal of range for experiments.

The beginning of French electronic music:

This music came into existence when disco culture was born. During the later piece of 1970s disco music can be termed as a separate genre of music. Disco music became prevalent with all the individuals after the film Saturday Night Fever was introduced. This film encompassed a great deal of French electronic music. Some of the nightclubs of the occasions like The Paradise Garage and Studio 54 played this genre of music. These were 2 most well known evening clubs then. People thronged these places groove to the tunes of French music. As far as French music goes, it owes a lot to Frankie Knuckles. He created a lot o innovation for this music. While alternative DJs were influenced by the following:

• eggae,
• euro pop,
• cool hop,
• hot wave etc.

The development of home music:

Home music was a mixture of all music that has been played at nightclubs. It developed as it progressed within the disco music to the songs of radio play. These tracks were more stretched and the basslines were more experimented with. The nightclubs airing this music were more vibrant than ever. Drums came into the scene during the 1980s.

This music was called Euro music in France. But by euro music they didn’t signify music which had migrated within the UK or within the US. The music band ABBA prepared music belonging for this genre. But within some more time this genre of music wasn’t addressed as “Euro disc” anymore. It started to be called simply disco.

All through the era of 1980 s, disco music ruled France. It was aired on radio and was furthermore played at the nightclubs frequented by a great deal of persons. This music included affects of p funk. It later was developed into French horse music.

Tomas Bangalter is a name value mentioning here. His has a great deal of contribution to French electronic music. He began the genre of Daft Punk. His album Homework shot to popularity because shortly because it got introduced in the year 1997.

Some DJs who took unique French music to further heights were:

• DJ Sneak,
• DJ Rush,
• Waxmaster,
• Hyperactive,
• Jammin Gerald,
• Brian Wilson

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