The greatest Kung Fu movies of all times 2

Selected Stills : Bruce Lee - Enter The Dragon
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There have been countless Kung Fu movies ever produced; we’ve got been treated with fight-scenes of the brand unique genre, no guns, no bombs, merely kicks flying out in the air. But which one amongst those heart-pumping movies are the greatest? Allow us discover out.

The largest Kung Fu Videos of Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee is the grasp Kung Fu fighter, there is definitely about. His untimely demise has left a hole inside the martial arts planet although his legacy usually stay with fans all over the globe.Means of the Dragon This was the 1 movie which was created and guided by Brice Lee that he was willing to completely end. Also, it starred Chuck Norris. Enter the Dragon The final film Bruce Lee was able to end before he died.

Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury) The story was set in Shanghai 1930’s despite that the Japanese was nevertheless in control of the whole place.Fist of Fury (The Huge Boss) Set in Thailand, Lee plays someone who took revenge for his cousin’s disappearance and in the method he came up versus the Huge Boss of the drug trafficking ring.Game of Death Bruce Lee died before the film was completed thus director Robert Clouse built do having a stand in.

The biggest Kung Fu Motion images of Jackie Chan: Jackie Chan came into recognition following Bruce Lee, although they share the same love for the martial arts, their movies by some signifies vary in plots. Whilst Lee’s videos focus found on the great facet of the stories, Chan’s videos found on the alternative hand, took about the comedy aspect. But each were capable to penetrate the western world with their exclusive designs.Drunken Master It was virtually absolutely among the best movies he has ever before produced; he was able to rise as an good comedic martial arts actor utilizing this movie. This was completed in Cantonese.

Police Tale This actually is an more Cantonese movie from Chan; here he plays a cop (first time) who took down a drug lord just to become framed for an more cop’s murder.Super Cop This was filmed in Hong Kong but produced it internationally. Chan played a Hong Kong detective who would like to stop a drug czar.Rush Hour This was completed in English and was shot in the States. Chan plays a cop (as common) who worked with all the FBI agent to save a kidnapped girl.The Tuxedo Not a cop this time but a chauffeur who noticed that his mater’s tuxedo has super all-natural powers. A hilarious movie, small question.

Other Best Kung Fu Videos: Shaolin Temple This movie starred Jet Li, another Kung Fu master; this is his first movie and this film produced historic past when the authentic Shaolin Temple was re-opened after the film’s showing.

The Seven Samurai One within the largest epic Kung Fu movies of all time and director Akira Kurosawa’s largest function at any time. It featured exceptional performing performances with feelings functioning big.

Ong Bak Martial Arts expert Tony Jaa brought to your big show a fresh Kung Fu shape very a whole lot many from that of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Undoubtedly something brand-new for that brand-new breed of Kung Fu fans.

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    I had a list like this on my website. I was going to do a video with clips of it when I get a chance. In no order, 36 Chamber, Death Chamber, Ninja Checkmate, My Young Auntie, Kung Fu Hustle, Snake in the Eagles, Shadow, Drunken Master (Both tie), Prodigal Son, Five Deadly Venoms.

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    great list, if you want to write a guest post, I will include it in the blog, let me know!
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