Hannah Montana: Karaoke Series, DVD and Videogame Coming This Fall

Hannah Montana fans have over a couple of factors to be anxious for this fall as the Disney creation is releasing a Hannah Montana: Karaoke Series album, a DVD along with a many games that usually fill the fans’ cravings for a lot of Miley.

Hannah Montana can shortly have its own karaoke series album, only like any different Disney system. Fans may today receive a chance to sing their hearts out with tunes within the future album, including 16 tracks with and without lead vocals.

The initially payment of the karaoke DVD entitled Hannah Montana: Karaoke Series include tracks including “Pumpin’ Up the Party,” “Who Said,” “I Got Nerve,” “Best of Both Worlds,” “If We Were a Movie,” “Other Side of Me,” “This Is the Life,” “Just Like You.” The DVD is set to be introduced on Tuesday, September 18, merely as the High School Musical 2: Disney’s Karaoke Series is accessible for buy.

Aside from singing together with Hannah Montana’s tunes, fans may equally avail of the very expected Volume 3: Life’s What You Make It DVD, that will be introduced on Tuesday, October 9.

It involves 4 shows along with a some bonus clips including Hannah Montana’s Backstage Secrets as well as the music movie of Billy Ray Cyrus called “Ready, Set, Don’t Go.”

Previously, information about Hannah Montana’s series of products was introduced. These products include a clothing line, accessories, house décor and games. On October 18, a fresh modern movie game is set to be introduced, entitled Hannah Montana: Music Jam, after the launch of its PSP and Nintendo DS games.

Taking it up a notch, fans are provided a chance to take piece of the movie game Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour, including 9 tour destinations including Tokyo, Paris and London. In this game, players can pick their location and enjoy tracks from seasons 1 and 2, and therefore controlling Hannah’s moves through the Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuk as well as the PS3 Sixaxis. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour is introduced on October 30.

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