How To Create A Podcast From Audio Tape

How To Create Podcast Media From Audio Tape

The digital revolution has rendered various of to a state of utter confusion with regards to dealing with older/analog sound technologies. A good quantity of us continue to be using the familiar aged tape deck to record our sound, but then become completely befuddled with regards time to transfer that sound into the digital environment. I always get this pic in my head of my customers standing there with RCA sound wires – staring blankly at their computer – thinking how to receive the sound within the source to the destination.

This information is meant to aid out those confused masses. I may preface the tutorial by suggesting that this might be by no signifies the best method to create podcast media. However, folks could follow what they’re comfortable with. If that’s sound tape – then by all signifies – choose it! Maybe someday you’ll invest in a advantageous MP3 recording device – but until then – it’s no biggie.

So – let’s begin.

Equipment/Hardware Needed

1. Standard Audio Cassette Player. I very suggest utilizing a good walkman – for it has the best output port on it integrated. I never suggest utilizing your house stereo cassette deck for this process – because your deck probably has either RCA outs (completely no good) along with a 1/4″ connect (if you’re fortunate.)
2. A 1/8″ to 1/8″ Mini Plug connector. You learn the small connect connector that’s at the finish of the headphones? This cable has 2 of those – 1 on each end. You are able to buy these cabling at almost any electronics shop. (Should you should utilize your house stereo deck – and if it comes with a 1/4″ connect jack – you are able to possibly discover a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter together with the cord.)
3. Great sound card for your computer with an “line in” jack (looks really like the sound out jack. If you’ve bought your computer in the last several years – you probably absolutely have an sound card enough for this task.) Familiarize yourself with all the place of the card, and find the “line in” jack.

Software Needed

1. Audio Recording Software with noise-reduction filters. I suggest Audacity – as it’s free and very easy to utilize.

Once you have the equipment, it’s time to get going.

Transferring the sound from Tape to Computer

Step 1:

Connect the tape deck to the computer by plugging 1 end of the connector cable into the headphones jack of the walkman, as well as the additional end of the connector cable into the “line in” jack of the computer’s sound card.

Step 2:

Install your sound processing software (Audacity.)

Step 3:

Launch Audacity, and search for the input pulldown menu. It’s found on the top appropriate of the screen. Click the tab and select “Line In”.

Step 4:

Adjust the amount of the walkman to be medium/low. Rewind the tape and click Play.

Step 5:

Press “Record” in Audacity’s interface and check the degrees of the sound being created. If the degrees are too excellent (hot) your sound is altered. You might recognize if the sound is “hot” by if the degrees trip too far to the appropriate. If thus, either adjust the amount within the walkman, or the sound input degrees in the program to pay.

Step 6:

After acquiring the most wonderful recording level, you’re prepared. Rewind the tape again. Press “record” in audacity, and hit “play” on your walkman.

Step 7:

Review your sound. If you’re happy with it, protect it, and start to tweak it with all the sound reduction software.

Step 8:

Save your sound file because.mp3 structure.

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