Inspired by nature 2

Artist Robert Tucker talks about himself and his artist experience in this exclusive article.

Inspired by nature

The glorious portal of a new year is again upon me. My mind has wondered since the start of 2008 as to which direction my creative self will take.
For me a torrent of feelings were released in 2007 through the making of art. Every human being is subjected to art from the moment of birth until death regardless if they want to or not, the mean-spirited and soulful alike.
Working in both two and three dimensional art since childhood has given me a wide vista to express myself.

2007 started with exhibiting sculpture in a two person show in southern California. New Zealand, Texas, Michigan, France and Massachusetts all housed my collages in one venue or another. The year ended creating very personal mosaics of marble, tile and broken antique cups, something I had never tried before.

A year has not gone by that I can remember that collage was not part of my creative being. I have no doubt that collage started shortly after paper was invented in China around 200 B.C.
If memory serves me well the first paper collage examples known are the work of twelfth-century Japanese calligraphers, who prepared surfaces by gluing bits of fabric and paper to create a unique background for brushstrokes.

In the seventies I did some bookbinding and papermaking in my studio. Collage was often used in the fifteenth and sixteenth century in bookbinding.
George Braque and Pablo Picasso utilized collage at the turn of the 20th century making it popular and understood by the masses. Thinking back at the history of collage I cannot help but think of my personal history of collage which started at early childhood. My father was in the paper business so rolls, reams and stacks of paper were always around me, fuel for the imagination.

The fact that collage is different from other art forms because it does not dictate a particular style is an excellent medium for both the beginner and the experienced artist.
The multiple layers collage can offer an artist gives countless realms and realities.
Realms have always played a big part in my life, in my art, in my mind and my soul that is why the realm of multi-player online games took me by storm seven years ago. It was yet another avenue to express myself. I became so enthralled with these worlds/realms I became a writer/reporter for one of the largest gaming site in the world,
This realm or shard afforded me a creative outlet were I could me anonymous. I was afforded that same luxury, pleasure by writing under a pseudonym for the website.

Many years back I remember a lady came through my studio during a tour hosted by the Junior League of a major art museum making the claim, “To be a great artist you must travel and travel often”. I thought the comment absurd then and I do today. I traveled to Egypt this past year and experienced the Nile River from Cairo to Abu Simbel. The textures, smells and sounds left an impression that is for sure from this exotic place. I live in my own little world like so many artists and travel has never been needed to take a journey and the journey is the seed for me. I can germinate in my own backyard just fine.

What will grow this year I still ask myself.

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  • Maritha Bergman 10 January, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    I like this inlay very much. Thanks for sharing Ur thoughs of Ur art.

  • Geraldine 10 January, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    It is fascinating to hear about an artist who has always known that they wanted to make art. Some of us are “recent converts” to art. As one of those, my main feeling is concern that I may not have enough time left to me to experience enough to develop my art. Good luck in your endeavors. ;>)

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