Is Philosophy the Cause of the Financial Crisis?

I was reading an post about the active financial crisis. The author was generating a point about Eastern strategy as well as the methods it differed from that of the West. It was very a perfectly created post in numerous methods. At 1 point the author drew the conclusion that the financial crisis was eventually caused by greed, and I might concur with that, and add that envy comes into it also.

But the author of the post appeared to point to Western strategy as the culprit. He argued it was the Western tendency to see ourselves as separate from everything we see around us that causes this condition. I can’t go together with that. I might very argue that it must be the technological energy wielded by the West that has caused its greed and envy to be these a big and destructive force in the planet. This has been around since the Industrial Revolution started in Western Europe around the 17th and 18th decades.

I have been to several places in the planet, and I have not observed that greed and envy are any less common in Eastern nations than in Western ones. I might state that greed and envy are almost uniformly distributed throughout the planet.

To my notice, the mistake lies not in the philosophies of East and West, in the popular ignorance of those philosophies. We will discover within the philosophies of the East, there is a lot of truth to be found in them. Many Westerners have followed their tenets, and have integrated them into their own lifestyle. But we could equally state that much of Western strategy is equally true, and equally adaptable to a pleasing lifetime, in tranquility with your environment. The key to the is within how these facts are used in your lifetime.

There is 1 regard in which I might agree that the research of Eastern strategy might benefit persons in the West. When we study those philosophies, everything about them looks modern and fresh to us, despite that they have been in existence for a extremely extended time. It is a lot like acquiring a hidden treasure. This allows us to approach them without too several preconceived notions about them. The problem with all the Western philosophies is the fact that they are too familiar, or at any rate, they are indicated in terms that SEEM familiar, leading us to believe that we understand all about them, thus there is nothing we could discover from them. Such a idea is a mistake, but an acceptable one.

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