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Grace Kelly: Style Icon at the V&A
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There is small that Jennifer Lopez, acknowledged equally as ‘J-Lo’, hasn’t been included in and she is acknowledged internationally in a range of trades from acting to singing, to fashion-designer. Having nailed an elegant classical glamour look, J-Lo has been much-sought after with various designer labels and fashion brands to recommend their goods, and has herself introduced her own brands and lines as Sweetface and Justsweet that have become mainstays found on the international fashion scene.

Having newly completed a stint on American Idol, the favored singer has been keeping fairly busy over the summer and has been touring to promote her hot album while additionally launching the 2011 summer line of Justsweet, a brand aimed at those wishing to become more daring in their dress while moreover enjoying glamour and chic, creating statements about self-confidence and boldness for the wearer and delivering out their ideal attributes.

That’s to not state that J-Lo can’t create a stir on her own, yet. June saw the Hispanic singer and actress dropping jaws at the Children’s Benefit Concert as she swept into the event in a red cocktail dress made from satin with a fashionable mantle and tied-back Governess hair to present her naturally gorgeous face, produced more beautiful by a enhance of diamond jewellery; her favourite rock and 1 that absolutely matches her.

There’s a cheeky side to Lopez too, and she is not timid to show it occasionally as she demonstrated when glamming up in hoodie and tracksuits while in London for the filming of ‘So You Think You Can Dance UK’, sporting equally a cheeky grin to show off pearly whites that would rival the crystal sparkle of her rings and earrings at the Children’s Benefit. And it was Paris who got a taste of her bolder side, when she embarked from her hotel with just a white tuxedo jacket and shades to maintain her modesty.

J-Lo’s fashion is mentioned to represent her own existence and profession, in that she will try her hand at a range of different designs and come up trumps each time. At a promo for mobile-phone firm Blackberry, she showed that she may go big with hoop earrings and chunky bangles while additionally keeping the total look soft enough to bring out her looks. It is this willingness to test fresh details and to showcase these looks in public that goes hand-in-hand with all the driving principle behind Justsweet, her clothing range, which aims to allow additional ladies do the same with self-confidence.

Such is her mastery with jewels that J-Lo has lately secured a promotion contract for the Spanish business TOUS, that specialises in J-Lo’s preferred rock; the diamond. As if born to represent such pieces, she started photo-shoots in the Spring and her variety in being capable to sport different looks prepared the affair a resounding success. All females love diamonds was the line mentioned J-Lo herself when asked about the shoot and within the look of aspects, diamonds love her also.

Literally a tour de force who excels and is admired in every circle she attempts her hand, from singing to acting and as a fashion icon and designer, J-Lo is a living masterclass in how to dress and impress utilizing a range of different designs with boldness being the principal theme and trusting to the all-natural beauty of the attributes by having jewellery and accessories become the enhance to them, instead of the different means round.

So what today for J-Lo, the female who has apparently performed it all and completed it effectively? It’ll be all engines go naturally, because there’s been promising responses to the Summer fashion line of Justsweet, her album is coming out, and there might definitely be more modelling work in the pipeline after the TOUS success. At when, it appears that J-Lo will do whatever she wants and what she wants to do is carry found on the wise work on all fronts; her young rivals would do effectively to take note.

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