Leading Country Music Chart, The Top Country Songs 2011

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The Top Country Songs 2011, commonly well-known as “Hot Country Songs,” is a chart posted weekly by United States Billboard review.

The chart contains the top leading nation music every week. It is computed by airplay and often by company sales.

The idea will likely not add up music retrievals towards chart tabulation, even though downloads of singles do graph if they get adequate airplay.

By the summer of 2011, the primary nation song of the year is “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton.

Billboard began producing the popularity of nation tunes with all the January 8, 1944 matter. Tabulated were exactly the genre’s top jukebox options, utilizing the chart termed as “Many Played Juke Box Folk Records.” A certain week may be from 2 to 8 placements and the length of the chart had not been consistent.

From 1948 to 1958, close to 10 years, Billboard has used 3 charts to measure the popularity of nation melodies.

The charts included too, besides from jukebox graph:

The amount 1 sellers chart which began May 15, 1948 as Best Selling Retail Folk Records.

A jockeys chart which started December 10, 1949 as Country. It was accelerated to 50 slots on January 11, 1964; 75 spots on October 15, 1966; and top 100 nation songs beginning July 14, 1973.

From the begin of its company in 1973 through August 2009, American Country Countdown has employed this chart in their programs and utilizing the best 40 singles/tracks for each week.

Together with different Billboard charts, chart policies apply. Starting the chart week of December 2, 2006, a melody is considered recurrent found on the nation charts if this has been in the charts for better than twenty weeks, isn’t getting in spins or an audience impressions, and is lower than #10 in position for either an audience opinions or spins. Since December 2008, any song that has not improved in audience or spins for over 2 weeks will additionally be considered chronic, whether or not the song has not charted for twenty weeks.

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