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It is not really difficult to figure out how to play the piano. Almost every individual likes music. Some like rock music, pop, jazz, alternative, rhythm plus blues, plus many others. Whatever style of music we love, you can play it found on the piano. For we to discover how to play different track styles about the piano, the initially style which you ought to understand is blues piano.

What exactly is blues piano? Keep reading and by the end of the post, you’ll recognize a great deal of blues music examples & elements played on the piano.

To begin with, you really need to learn 12-bar blues. This really is actually a quite well-known development if you need to do blues piano playing. To work this certain blues shape, many pianists use seventh chords. A tune is usually broken into 3 sets. Every of the set consists of 4 bars. Start by playing the track found on the C key. Utilize I to illustrate the tone (C) inside the C key. The IV tone is F and the V tone is G.

The initial set is played because I-I-I-I. The upcoming set is played because IV-IV-I-I. The final set is V-IV-I-I. Utilize a appropriate hand whenever playing these 3 sets found on the piano. To come up with a sound tha’s merely like blues piano, try to master playing 7th chords.

For a left hand, follow the 8-note pattern. The pattern is a lot like this: I-III-V-VI-VIIb-VI-V-III. Whenever playing the C chord with all the employ of the proper hand, the notes conducted is C-E-G-A-Bb-A-G-E. While for the chord F, you’ll be playing F-A-C-D-Eb-D-C-A. For the chord G, you are playing G-B-D-E-F-E-D-B.

Try to look at the chords plus notes played both by the left & appropriate hand. If you absolutely understand the different piano chords & notes, studying blues piano is very easy. Before anything else, you have to grasp 12-bar blues inside the key C. As soon because you’ve mastered it, you can try playing it using different keys.

If you need to establish a wonderful foundation inside playing the piano, you really need to figure out how to play the blues initially. Numerous successful pianists began out by playing blues plus then they gradually produced their technique into playing the music style they love.

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  • Michelle 3 December, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Practicing those 12 bar blues, all those years ago, still sends a shiver down my spine… shame I didn’t understand how important it was then, when learning was easy and practicing was hard.

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