Percussion Instruments

African Djembe Drums
Photo by Frank Kehren
Nothing claims a lot more about African music than percussion instruments. It is the widespread theme in every unique occasions in an African community . During the older occasions, African music was the method to bring African persons together, they usually held social gathering, social meetings and ritual occasions. Due to the requirement to engage in the community, they might play percussion instruments, the many rhythmic musical instruments in almost any piece of the community. Here are some African percussion instruments that you’d probably come over in almost any piece of the community.

The Drum Known as Djembe

If you see a drum that utilizes an animal skin covered head, then you have only come across the djembe drum. The djembe drum has a wider top half combined with a slimmer lower half resembling a goblet. The body is ideally made of an echoing log to create numerous acoustics. The head is tightened utilizing ropes although, in today’s planet, some machines use steel hoops, nylon core ropes, and rubbers when tightening and tuning the drum. Djembe is utilized as the centrepiece of the percussion section. It can make differing tones and tunes depending upon the size and style of the instrument. It is played by striking the drum head with fingers or hands to create many tones.


In the African code, “udu” is a kind of drinking vessel and it really is commonly made from clay. This past drinking vessel produces sound with its additional hole positioned in its body. The sound it creates is synonymous to this produced by a glass bottle. In purchase to make a sound, you cover the best hole with 1 hand while the different hand manipulates the different hole. A variety of differing tones might then be yielded.

Slit Drums

Another popular percussion instrument in Africa is the Slit drum. This drum is commonly produced up of hollowed lumber or carved lumber so it could provide a sound. These drums is made from logs or bamboo. The drums are struck by either hand or mallets. Simply like udu, the slit drum additionally produces a rainbow of tones.

Double Bells

Double bells are really created up of 2 metallic bells forged together to resemble a horseshoe. These percussion instruments use mallets in purchase to provide 2 types of sounds. In the African percussion instruments, double bells are the ones that mark measures and keep the pace for the alternative percussion players.

Aside from these 4, different percussion instruments popular by the Africans hand-shakers, wooden xylophones, and lamellophones (finger pianos).

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