Learn Piano Chords The Easy Way!

Day 47 - The Piano Plays The Chord So Easy
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So, you’re thinking about (or are already) playing piano utilizing the chord approach. But, you’re lost in the sea of chord kinds.

There are minor piano chords, main piano chords, and diminished piano chords. There are 9th chords flat 5 chords and additional chords I can’t even start to describe to you.

The advantageous information is you don’t have to understand piano chords this method. There’s a much simpler method to understand them and it all has to do with anything called the open position chord.

Those of you who have been reading my articles for some time recognize I’m a big enthusiast of the chord structure. You additionally recognize that I like it because you utilize both hands immediately to create a contemporary sounding seventh chord.

Now why is starting with seventh chords thus significant? Because, this chord kind is the foundation for ALL contemporary chords period.

By beginning with this chord structure – and understanding all chords in every 12 keys, you have a foundation to build on.

This means it won’t confuse you. As an example, in the Key of C Major we have 7 chords. These are: C Major 7, D minor 7, E minor 7, F Major 7, G7, A minor 7, and B diminished 7. The last chord (B diminished 7 is seldom used) but is included for you anyway.

Once you understand these chords in the Key of C Major, you merely go down the round of fifths. The upcoming Key is F Major and so forth.

By understanding just seventh chords to begin it makes it much simpler to incorporate found on the extensions. As an example, if I desired to build a C Major 9 chord, I merely add in the ninth (the d note) and that’s that.

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