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Here you can download the music tracks published in the 2009 Music Demos, 2010 Music Demos and 2011 Music Demos categories, so you can freely Listen to Music Online 🙂

I add also small excerpts from the full articles so you can read them if you like.

Author of these original mp3 tracks is Manuel Marino (myself) and you are authorized to download them.

We Together (music track)


Tears of Love (music track)


The Way of Love (article) (music track)

“This is a new love track demo, with a very sweet chorus that will make you dream. The demo has been created to explain how to mix vocals with other instruments, there are many effects used (the typical state of the art effects used in the industry). The song itself is not “common”, because it’s a blend of different styles all together…”

Electric Adventures (article) (music track)

“This is a new track with many electric guitars performances, and an overall “electric” feel, exactly, electric adventures. It’s a trip into intrumental rock, with some spicey funk and brilliant drums!”

The Stars (article) (music track)

“This is a wondeful soft piece, an inspiring melodic trance track I wrote before, but completed it only now, after a lot of time, I can say. Anyway, it’s ready for you and your soul, if you have the time to listen to it. When I composed it, I had in my mind love stories under a beautiful night sky, with brilliant stars all above…”

Through the Mountains (article) (music track)

“Winter is leaving us, spring is coming, but this track is dedicated to snow, freeze, snowboarding, skiing and mountains. All you have to do is listening and have in your mind stunts and jumps across the mountains, the snow, the rivers and beautiful forests…”

Phat Funky Road (article) (music track)

“There are many songs named Funky Road. If you search on Internet you’ll find so many, but no one is named Phat Funky Road. Why Phat? Because in this new track I blend Funk ideas with Rock and harder rhythms. Well, not so hard, not exactly my style, but I consider it hard, since I’m a Classical artist.”

Funk in Nature (article) (music track)

“While I composed it having in mind Funk Music and its variations, I created a blend with other styles and modern ideas. The cocktail of music notes resulting of this blend is refreshing and sweet, with natural landscapes coming in mind and beautiful sceneries. ”

A Star in the Infinite (music track)

“A Romantic theme embraces us and follow us toward a new land of sound to explore. Chrome Jungles, Coloured Ices and Blue deserts are ahead, ready to be explored and colonized. There’s a new planet, a new home for us. ”

The Immensity of Space (music track)

“This track explores the hugeness of the space, blending an epic orchestral crescendo with a mystery and exotic atmosphere, the one we would feel in a deep space exploration.”

Knights and Film Music (article) (music track)

“Today I publish a new music track, inspired by knights, chivalry, code of honour, battles and dangerous wilderness exploration. This is a demonstration of my talent with orchestral arrangements… The Knight is an elite warrior sworn to uphold the values of courage and honour…”

Astronauts and Funk Music (article) (music track)

“This post is dedicated to big 80s space operas, movies, novels and sci-fi culture. This is also a trip to old good 80s with their catchy rhythms, synths and guitars. This demo starts with a space choir, an opening orchestra and choir theme, I can say epic and grand, that creates images of galaxies, shuttles, astronauts and the infinity of the universe…”

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