Lyceum Theatre London The Lion King Musical

Lyceum Theatre, London, 2007

Lyceum Theatre, London, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lion King is a Tony and Olivier Award winning Broadway together with West End musical at the Lyceum Theatre based upon the 1994 Disney animated movie of the same title. Its content has characters within animal costumes together with giant, hollow puppets and is guided by Julie Taymor.

When the small lion Prince Simba comes into the globe, his bad uncle Scar is forced back to 2nd in line to the throne. Scar plots to kill both Simba and his dad, King Mufasa, and proclaim himself King. Simba survives, but is led to believe that his dad died as a happen of him and he chooses to flee the kingdom. The musical qualities many changes and additions to the story line compared to the movie.

Brief history of the Lyceum Theatre: During its history, dating back to 1772, when the Society of Arts began ‘ a Room for Exhibitions and Concerts’ close to the present site, the Lyceum has shown a chameleon tendency, transitioning to changing styles and specifications. Initially the theater housed an range of entertainment, including a hot air inflate show, an animal circus and fireworks.

In 1802 Madame Tussaud’s first exhibition of waxworks happened here. The theater grew to become a temporary haven for the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane whose building had burnt down. After the Lyceum suffered a similar experience in 1830, architect Samuel Beazley crafted the unique building and his amazing portico nonetheless stands today. In 1834 the Lyceum’s output was hampered by restrictions prohibiting so-called minor theatres from staging drama without a musical interlude, a throwback to the early days following Charles II’s renovation.

As shortly as the 1834 Licensing Act removed these discouraging impediments, the theater can supply Shakespeare and the classics. A series of successful extravaganzas was staged, but it wasn’t until 1878 that the Lyceum took its initially genuine procedures found on the method to greatness. It was in this year in which Henry Irving took over the rent and Ellen Terry became his leading girl. This well-known partnership had the 2 dubbed ‘ Lord and Lady of the Lyceum’. Regrettably in 1898 declining wellness forced Irving to relinquish control of the theater, ending a scintillating era. When not any buyer might be positioned, in 1904 it was selected to demolish and rebuild the theater.

Bertie Crew tailored this hot building, which was at initially used for music hall. From 1909-38 the Melville Brothers ran a successful series of beautiful melodramas and in 1934 Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth saw their initially pantomime here. But by 1939 the hot owners, London City Council, wished to eliminate and substitute the theater with a traffic roundabout.

Ellen Terry’s remarkable nephew John Gielgud helped bring the wheel full round with 6 farewell performances of Hamlet, proclaiming ” Long reside the Lyceum!” The triumphal affirmation appeared upbeat until the war intervened. Demolition plans were at minimum then shelved. In 1945 Mecca Ballrooms acquired the rent and today’s raked auditorium was then a big dance floor.

By 1986 the Lyceum was again bare but lower than a decade later this unhappy decline was arrested. Apollo Leisure stepped into the rescue in 1994, getting permission to bring back the theater to its earlier beauty. Right today, the theater has state of the art services along with a luxurious red and gold auditorium. With Jesus Christ Superstar and today The Lion King taking up house, it appears the ‘Lyceum roar’ usually again echo in this distinguished theatre.

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