Minaj’s ‘Where Dem Girls At’ Persona; Commented By David Guetta

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The US listeners are now more open to club and dance music than ever and this new revolution is a result of fours music producers Dr. Luke, RedOne, Max Martin and David Guetta.

One of those four pop/dance music preachers Guetta is programmed to be in the news soon as he is giving final touches on his new album, whose first single is expected to be released in early May. The album, which is yet to receive a title, mainly consists of pop and dance tunes as expected.

Notable guests on the disc would be Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am and Akon, along with a few more whose identities have not been disclosed as of yet. In his recent interview with MTV, the Frenchman revealed that he is currently in the process of solving a mindboggling problem of which one of his two mega dance tunes he should release first. Well if that’s a problem then every musician would like to be embroiled in such problems.

He said that he has two extremely big songs , one with Ludacris and Taio Cruz titled ‘Little Bad Girl,’ which has already been leaked on the internet , while the other one being ‘Where Dem Girls At?’ which features Nicki Minaj and another club music-oriented musician Florida. Guetta said that both of the songs are going to be huge, one with the European audience and the other with the local American listeners.

“So people are fighting inside the record company: It’s the U.S. against Europe. So we are gonna see who has more muscle!” he joked.

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s followers will certainly opt for ‘Where Dem Girls At?’ and Guetta is delighted that he was able to convince her for doing the song.

Guetta explained Flo Rida’s appearance as a ‘return favour’ as he had first appeared on ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ on Flo’s invitation. He hyped up the album by saying that ‘Where Dem Girls At?’ was a monster album already before Minaj’s addition to the song, but after she added her style, the track has become outrageously insane.

Guetta recalled that when he met with Minaj to talk about the project, she told him that she wants to do a solo song only, without any other artist making an appearance on it. But then Guetta played her the record and after listening to it, Nicki had no choice but to adhere with the producer’s wishes.

It remains unclear that which on-screen persona will the female MC be using on this club-rich song. Will it be Martha or Roman? Guetta suggests that she would surprise people with a brand new one.

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