Movie Review – Watchmen

After building up a foamy froth of anticipation, I finally saw the film “Watchmen.”

Seeing this film is a continuation of the recent trend of mine, viewing much gushed over films that are versions of much liked books-which I have not read. My recent treats have been “Twilight,” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and today “Watchmen.”

I have to state that “Watchmen” was the worst experience of the 3. I don’t learn if it was bad movie-making or the complex information, but I felt lost a great deal of the technique through.

The story is as follows: In an alternate 1985 where previous superheroes exist, the murder of the colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling research, uncovering anything that can completely change the course of history as we recognize it.

Sounds very interesting, appropriate? That’s what I thought; I was incorrect.

The director’s cut is 186 minutes long-aka: means too lengthy.

It really kept going on and on. It got to a point where I thought I died and this interminable film was my individual purgatory.

The film is narrated by Rorschach (Jackie Early Haley), a gravel-voiced vigilante found on the search for the murderer of his crime-fighting cohort The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). His rambling becomes thus monotonous, that I start to create up my own dialogue-all in the gravel voice of Rorschach. “I’m strolling down the street, it’s dark and I’m feeling a small hungry. I think I’ll stop off at the marketplace and choose up a Snickers. I like Snickers they have peanuts. Peanuts are crunchy, but you shouldn’t eat them in the event you are allergic. Your throat may close up and you’ll die. Die a terrible death, merely like The Comedian.” Trust me, my dialogue blends appropriate in after a while.

Aside within the annoying narration, the film didn’t feel like a comic book film. I don’t understand if we’ve been spoiled by films like “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight,” but this felt awkwardly flat and cartoonish. It didn’t have that epic, escapist standard that takes you to another globe. A planet we should be transported to in purchase for us to become totally involved, thus we’re not only viewing adults prancing about in goofy costumes.

Along with all the flat feel, the effects were amateurish, apparent and regularly bounced me from the story. I wonder how much time they invested creating the fake blood and crafting brand-new techniques to create it shoot farther and farther. Did somebody receive a hot blood spurting kit for Christmas? Way too much spewing blood!

The casting was another point of frustration. I’m certain Malin Ackerman (Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II), Matthew Goode (Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias) and Patrick Wilson (Dan Dreiberg/Night Owl II) are beautiful individuals, but they create for ridiculous super heroes.

Although they can’t totally take the blame, since the characters and composing are equally ridiculous. Dan/Night Owl II is really painfully nerdy that he can’t even create his “small owl” provide a “hoot”, unless he is in full Night Owl dress and saving folks. The sexy-times scene between Night Owl II and Silk Spectre II is really clumsy it inspires full-on laughter.

Next we have Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup), who glides about as a nude, electric-blue, other-worldly being. Billy Crudup does a decent job with all the voice work, but the character and storyline is bizarre. Dr. Manhattie is a selfish-lover who is painfully rational, even in light of outrageous tragedies.

It’s this rationality that pissed me off the many. The entire film leads as much as the climax, that is generally the ferocious battle to the death-good vs evil. This film chooses to forgo the vicious battle and rather substitute it with, “You’re right. So performed. Let’s go.”

Are you kidding me with this story? Either it strayed wildly far within the graphical novel or the story simply doesn’t translate to the big screen.

Bottom line: This film is an unforgivable waste of time. The just bright place was my Jeffrey Dean Morgan-even though he plays a moody meanie-pants.

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