Movies Set in Mexico

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have found oneself planning a trip to Mexico plus because the departure date approaches you need to ‘get inside the mood’ by viewing a limited movies set inside Mexico. Or maybe we have really return from a relaxing escape inside Ixtapa Mexico or perhaps a luxurious all-inclusive Cabo San Lucas resort. Well here a limited movies set inside Mexico which will aid out with the quest.

Nacho Libre – 2006

A fun movie starring Jack Black, that is an unfulfilled monk working as a not-so-talented cook inside a Mexican orphanage. He dreams of becoming a wrestler however challenges with all the strict morals he has been taught all his existence. Whenever he realizes his dream, the slapstick antics ensue. A excellent family movie, shot about place inside the tourist development of Oaxaca.

Once Upon a Time In Mexico – 2003

This is the final movie inside Robert Ridriguez’ Mexico Trilogy movies. It stars Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp plus Salma Hayek plus was filmed about place inside the border-town of Coahuila. El Mariachi. The trilogy’s hitman character, becomes associated inside an global espionage story including a mildly psychotic (plus blind) CIA agent.

Frida – 2002

Mexico is house to numerous amazing artists, among the peoples favorites is Frida Kahlo. Salma Hayek portrays the artist inside this movie telling the story of her lifetime. Many of the movie was shot inside inside Frida Kahlo’s house, Casa Azul, situated inside Mexico City. Her house is today a celebrated museum. The movie became a function of art inside itself, generating six Academy nominations plus winning two: Best Original Score plus Best Makeup.

The Mexican – 2001

Starring Brad Pitt plus Julia Roberts, this might be the story of the bumbling mob lackey plus his girlfriend because they try to protect their relationship and bring a historical weapon back to its owner. Tagged because a crime comedy, The Mexican was panned by the critics nevertheless fans enjoyed it. It was filmed inside the US, however clearly nobody might understand whenever watching the movie.

All The Pretty Horses – 2000

This is the story of 2 Texan cowboys that choose to head to Mexico looking for work and perhaps a greater existence. They find favor about a horse ranch where the owner utilizes their ability to tame wild horses. Trouble begins whenever among the cowboys falls inside love with all the rancher’s daughter. Starring Matt Damon plus Penelope Cruz, this movie was moreover shot inside the US.

Old Gringo – 1989

Starring Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda plus Jimmy Smits, the movie is set throughout the Mexican Revolution of 1910. A school instructor travels to Mexico to teach kids plus finds herself kidnapped by General Tomas Arroyo. An aging American expat befriends the General plus eventually an odd love-triangle develops. Filmed inside the US, however, again the Mexican taste is obvious.

Fun inside Alcapulco – 1963

Elvis Presley is many well-known for his movies prepared inside California plus Hawaii, nevertheless he did star inside 1 movie set inside Mexico. Presley not really traveled to Mexico inside his life, he shot his scenes inside Hollywood. The story is predictable, handsome boy escapes to Mexico to avoid a failure or worry, meets many pretty females, sings tunes found on the beach, encounters worry, gets women, all is effectively. If you plan to see the site inside that portions of the movie were shot, go to the Villa Vera Hotel inside Acapulco.

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