Music: Who Wants To Live Without It?

Rock'n'roll Singer (Mark Kozelek)
Photo by La Tête Krançien

Music has usually played a main piece of my existence, as within the earliest age I could remember classical music constantly playing in our house. Dad had a great deal of 78s and an electrical player which needed frequent needle changes. In truth I utilized to observe him change them consistently every 8 plays – not anything he’d enable anyone else do!!

As youngsters, we utilized to provide singing recitals – specifically at Christmas instances!! I’m thankful for the exposure our parents gave us to music – whether or not daddy was a bit single minded when, in the late 50’s my brother Kenneth, purchased house a recording of the hot rock-n-roll singer recognised as Buddy Holly I think father thought it wasn’t right music and that the record couldn’t possibly be about the same standard as his Beethoven or Mozart recordings!!

He used to have continual conversations with Kenneth regarding playing them on his’ radiogram. And as for the Beatles and Rolling Stones records I sought to play a limited years later – no comment!!

Both my 2 brothers had been taught to play classical music found on the piano by our Aunty Win. For myself; it was 1962 and I was far too interested in my Uncle Frank’s brand brand-new MGB roadster to focus – try as my mother did to inspire me!!

My eldest brother, Robert, turned out to be a very accomplished musician – playing the French horn skillfully for years. Kenneth, my alternative brother, in later years, would receive all his beer bought for him in the NAFFI bar, bashing out songs when we had a session – whether or not it meant he had a bad head on parade the upcoming day!

After I left house and joined the British Armed Forces, I have to state my mates were not too happy about Grieg being played in the barrack space. Same issue as my daddy had – numerous music. So I had to use earphones to hear to him. But when ‘The Who’ came on – today, which was a different story – then we utilized to receive into trouble with all the Duty Sergeant for playing the music too loud!!

Anyway, over time, I have developed a passion for all kinds of music and my assortment of vinyl records has today grown to include Amadeus Mozart through to Led Zeppelin. But, I guess if I had to choose merely 1 bit of music to take to that desert island it could have to be:

Mozart’s Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No1 in F Minor, Op 73.

My favourite recording of the great piece: (just 1 of many!) Deutshe Grammophon 136550 SLPEM (stereo – 1968) Karl Leister, Clarinet, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performed by Rafael Kubelik.

I purchased this recording while stationed in Germany in 1970 – because then I have acquired alternative fine recordings of the Concerto, but I find Karl Leister’s interpretation of the Adagio(in particular) completely captures Mozart’s objective of composing the many profoundly expressive movement for a solo instrument.

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