Musical Composition

Musical composition will result ahead of time with an aim towards repeat performance or it may result found on the place when musicians improvise or jam. Composition describes the formal construction of the part of music, both it’s incarnation on paper as well as its performance incarnation. Originally Western music was composed for the church as well as for worship. Its function was to be repeated but the artistic/creative ingredients of musical composition were lacking as the music itself was more pedagogical in cause. When polyphonic sounds started to creep in, composers started to record music on paper for future performance. This starts to arise when the view of music begins to change from that of the shape of worship to a shape of worship that moreover offers sound pleasure.

There is a mathematical precision to musical composition that is present in many research of musical theory.

Though music is a creative art, its composition and performance is both scientific and mathematical and adheres to certain rules of rhythm and spacing found on the page in purchase to sound a specific method.

Traditional Gregorian Chant notation, a few of the initially created music in Western culture, is created in “neumes”. Neumes are the many standard building block of musical notation and predate the introduction of the five line staff notation. These authentic notations were easy dashes on a page. They didn’t usually indicate a note to be sung because far because the pitch was worried, but, quite, were an indication in what type of sound was to be prepared and often in what purchase. Though neumes are visually reminiscent of their later incarnation in the five line staff notation, their rules were completely different. Two, dashes, 1 a top of the additional, could indicate that the bottom “note” was to be sung initially followed by the best. Other factors are surprisingly close in range. For example, when a dot was located after a neume it was meant to indicate that the note was to be a held for a size of time. This same structure exists in contemporary music in the five line staff notation.

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