More Musicians of the Dominican Republic

Monumento Santiago Dom.Rep.
Photo by danny164l

The Dominican Republic is usually not at the best of the list when considering Latin American countries acknowledged for their music. It is however, house to countless talented folks who have experienced global acclaim for their skills. Some have left their native nation and traveled to the US or Spain looking for fame, others have selected to remain found on the small Caribbean island and foster their craft. Here we take a consider 2 more musicians who call the Dominican Republic their house.

Juan Francisco Ordonez was born in 1961 in Santo Domingo. He earned himself a degree in economics from a college in Santo Domingo, but had usually studied guitar found on the side. Juan learned formal music composition at the Dominican National Conservatory, and later became piece of the folk group Convite. Later on he found a more comfortable area as lead guitar for Transporte Urbano and stayed with that group for over 25 years. During those years the band toured the planet, even operating in the previous USSR.

Outside of his band lifetime, Juan worked on fusion projects with alternative musicians and eventually place together a Caribbean trio called Trilogia. Juan has a special sound all his own that has tones of blues, rock, jazz; all which come together to create the today favored guitar code bachata. For that cause along he is considered the dad of bachata.

Aisha Syed Castro was born in 1989 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. At age of 4 Aisha started studying violin and flute with all the internationally acclaimed professor Henry Disla. At age of six Aisha had been a associate of the Children’s Symphony Orchestra. At eleven years of age she prepared a solo performance with all the National Symphony Orchestra and attended a violin symposium at the Julliard School in NY.

Aisha was the initially Latin American individual to be accepted to the Yehudi Menuhim School in London, moreover winning herself a scholarship for her impressive grades. Even at the young age of 22, Aisha has done all over the world, in front of global heads of state and perfectly respected musicians. Clearly this young girl has a bright future in music, and all from meager origins in the Dominican Republic.

These 2 individuals are great representatives of the skill existing in the Dominican Republic, both in folk and traditional genres of music. One has accepted the nuances of Caribbean rhythms, the alternative has found a love in the soothing melodies of the classics. Would it not be interesting to have both on 1 stage creating a complete fresh sound?

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