Mysterious Disappearances – Other Dimensions

Part One – The case of Orion Williamson

Is our planet actually three-dimensional? Or are there portals which spiral us unwillingly into alternative dimensions?

Reports of individuals disappearing in view of witnesses are worldwide; the most noted is the fact that of Orion Williamson.

July 1854, magazines all over the USA reported, ‘A Man Has Vanished In Thin Air’. This alarming headline was created after extensive searches were produced for Orion Williamson after he disappeared at his Selma, Alabama farm in full view of 4 witnesses.

Williamson had been enjoying a leisurely break from his work in the fields and was smoking a cigar found on the veranda of his house. His spouse and child were by his side as they all observed the slaves working in a field over the road from their land. Suddenly he remembered that he required to pass on a content to the overseer of the slaves.

He turned to his spouse and mentioned, ‘I forgot to tell Andrew about the horses.’

His spouse and child watched as Williamson moved across the lawn which stretched some fifty yards ahead.

Williamson was watched selecting a flower before crossing the road and entering the pasture, which led to a further field where the slaves were working.

During this time, a neighbour of Williamson’s, Armour Wren, was riding in his buggy along the road with his son James at his side. James pointed out Williamson to his dad, but only as this occurred among the horses pulling the buggy stumbled and Armour Wren lost sight of Williamson for a limited seconds. At that time James cried out, ‘why dad, what has become of Mr Williamson?’ Mr Wren looked up and may no longer see Williamson. They all dashed to the place were Williamson was watched to have disappeared.

Williamson’s spouse ran, with here child in her arms to join them, crying out that he only disappeared. She was apparently frantic and kept repeating how may such a thing happen.

News spread fast to the cities individuals and some 3 100 guys joined in the search, but the search was futile, there was no signal of Orion Williamson.
A team of geologists were created to search the field and dig it over, all in an attempt to ascertain if the ground below was in any means unusual. Nothing was found.

Reporters and sightseers flocked to the place and the news spread over America.
During this time Mrs Willamson suffered a breakdown as her and her son heard Williamson’s ghostly cries from the field…until after a limited weeks they were heard no longer.

When the matter entered the courthouse, it was decided that Mr Williamson might just be reported as deceased and his estate was dealt with according to law.

So what occurred to the unfortunate guy? Did he slip into another dimension, or might this have been alien abduction?

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