The Origins of Indie Music 2

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Indie music developed in North America as well as the UK during the 1980s from alternative rock, although ingredients of indie rock is found as early in the 60s in the music of bands like The Kinks. What constitutes indie rock is contested by musicians and critics, with some declaring that indie rock bands ought to be finalized to independent record labels while others claim that the creative artistic and sound is much more significant.

This ethos extended to being in complete control over the sound and look of the band without interference within the record label. In the 1980s, during the early days of indie music, bands like REM and The Pixies were amongst the many popular bands in the USA and overseas. When The Smiths introduced their first album, also known as The Smiths, in 1984 they might launch a lucrative job that saw them become the conclusive British indie music band.

Pearl Jam and Nirvana helped develop a hot fashion, which might become recognised as grunge during the 90s. This sound became very favored and found an even broader audience after Kurt Cobain’s death. Another fashion of indie that developed was lo-fi, of which Beck is typical. This fashion of music employed easy recording techniques and created a aware effort to not pander to mainstream tastes.

It became difficult for indie bands to follow independent labels in the fresh millennium as their improved recognition, in piece because of the exposure afforded for them by the web, meant that main labels courted them with growing interest. Two of the more well-known indie bands to signal up with main labels included Modest Mouse and Death Cab For Cutie, who both went on to create perfectly received records. Bright Eyes is only 1 band though which has been capable to stick to its independent label and nonetheless gain important and commercial achievement.

Many cities have developed their own independent music scene. Some of these, including Madchester which flourished in Manchester during the late 80s, helped establish a wave of new skill – Happy Mondays, James and The Stone Roses are only a limited Manchester bands associated with Madchester. Although more indie bands are today enlisting with main record labels, several believe that because lengthy because they don’t relinquish control over the sound of their music they will nevertheless legitimately be called indie.

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  • Alternative rock bands 1 March, 2012 at 3:29 am

    Nirvana and Pearl Jam rule! Who else can make such good music like they did in the grunge era? Lets hope these new bands can achieve what these pioneers have.
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  • Greg
    1 March, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    I hear a lot of complaints from fans when an Indie band signs with a major label. And if the reason is for what you said above – relinquishing control of the music to the label, then it all makes sense.

    I love the Black Keys (as an example) and I won’t be surprised if they sign with a major. But you’d just think since they’re doing so well on their own, a major label wouldn’t want to change their sound. Just give them more promotion, and let them keep doing their own thing.
    Greg recently posted..Former Hole Guitarist To Release Book About Kurt Cobain’s DeathMy Profile

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