Panasonic 3D Camcorder – State of The Art Camera Technology

Panasonic introduced a brand-new state of the art camera development in 2010.  It is a modern 3D camcorder.  This program has countless interesting attributes.  It has full significant description and you are able to utilize a easy SDHC/SD memory card for storage.

The cost of the item certainly refuses to come inexpensive.  In truth, this certain product may expense you about $ 21,000.  Even though the cost of the 3D camcorder is a bit steep, the SD card is the many affordable storage available.  This technologically advanced camera became accessible last year in the fall of 2010.  The Panasonic Corporation started taking orders in April of the year.  This item was displayed in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Main Hall at the 2010 International CES convention.

Panasonic’s modern 3D camcorder has everything in 1 lightweight body, compared to the active 3D systems that are bulky and comprise of 2 cameras along with a recorder that comes individually.  This 3D camcorder is clearly a more upgraded adaptation than the camcorder systems of the past.  This equipment also offers stereoscopic change controls generating it very consumer friendly.

The usual camera needs a PC or perhaps a movie processor for changes.  The present model has unique qualities that have functions that never require any different assistance.  This camera is much more flexible in movement when dealing with difficult movie shooting.  It makes it a truly worthwhile tool for sports, documentaries and different movie creating ventures.  It is compact and handheld which makes it a pretty advantageous device to utilize.

The SDHC/SD memory card is a rather powerful storage device.  It functions much better than optical discs, movie tapes or alternative storage mechanisms.  The toughness of it reduces upkeep bills and it really is sturdy enough to withstand extreme conditions.  It furthermore has quick workflow and to access unique footage.  You are able to plug this program into any Mac or PC.

Panasonic usually provide this product at a much lower cost compared to the conventional 3D rigs.  The delivery and handling is affordable due to reduced work expense.  The necessary memory card is not a issue because it is very accessible anywhere.  Panasonic moreover plans to provide a 3D HD LCD monitor.  They might moreover supply expert manufacturing equipment, to enjoy all your house footage that you have taken from your brand fresh 3D camera.  This really is a ideal deal that you need to not pass up.

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