Phat Funky Road

There are many songs named Funky Road. If you search on Internet you’ll find so many, but no one is named Phat Funky Road. Why Phat? Because in this new track I blend Funk ideas with Rock and harder rhythms. Well, not so hard, not exactly my style, but I consider it hard, since I’m a Classical artist.

Phat Funky Road

More Funk, I love Funk, yes… why not? seems the new trend of latest years. In Phat Funky Road You’ll find something reminding you Funk Rock, Funk Metal or similar.

Funk Rock is a fusion of Funk and Rock. Many instruments may be incorporated into the music, but the overall sound is defined by a definitive bass or drum beat and electric guitars. The bass and drum rhythms are influenced by Funk music but with more intensity, while the guitar can be Funk or Rock influenced, usually with distortion.

Funk Metal is a subgenre of Funk Rock that fuses elements of Heavy Metal and Funk. Allmusic has claimed that, “Funk Metal evolved in the mid-’80s when alternative bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone began playing the hybrid with a stronger Funk underpinning than Metal.”

As I said, not exactly my style, but since I like all kinds of music genres I could not refuse the temptation to try, considering also all the positive emails I’m receiving about my Funk experimentation (like Funk in Nature).

Saying more about Funk music, I would like to write few big names that have been able to blend Funk music with harder rhythms, like Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Living Colour but the list is very long so I suggest you to make a deep search about the topic.

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