Philosophy in its history

Philosophy in its history, keep hyperlinks with religion, and various philosophers were devout individuals, but occasionally outside the mainstream of official religion. The origins of strategy, nevertheless, look to be in opposition to religious thinking, the questioning of accepted values.

In the Middle Ages strategy was completely subordinated to theology, and was to serve rozumowemu explanation of the facts of Revelation. In the contemporary era, a few of the philosophical currents were irreligious or anti-clerical attitude (the Enlightenment, Marxism, scientism, positivism). In certain, were criticized in the shape of institutionalized religions.

Philosophy takes the human difficulties that provide meaning to human lifetime. Contemplation and interpretation of the planet, attempt to explain its structure, the genesis of the factors. We might identify it with rationality, so religion must signify the look for rationality in it. Philosophy is frequently based on abstraction, is fairly general.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel believed that the strategy of religion has a widespread meaning, different shape of content “General topics, common in itself, existing intelligence.” The religion is a shape of imaging, and strategy as conceptual – “clean, samoistniej?ca thought.” “Truth of religion come from outside” – refuses to need justification of rights.

Vico (Italian philosopher of the seventeenth / eighteenth century) believed that “the intellect of civilization were the philosophers, poets as well as the senses.”

Freud believed that religion is powerless against nature and instincts. It was built when guy wasn’t capable to utilize cause. It is an illusion, rationalization of engine factors forced into awareness. This really is a widespread neurosis community.

Jung believed that the origin of religion lies in the subconscious, wasn’t an illusion, never need to compromise, on the contrary fulfill a positive character to integrate around the values.

E. Fromm believed that religion is any program of thought and action, separated with a certain group, which delivers orientation and body element, maintains the tranquility of shapes and personalities. Man strives for tranquility with oneself and learning of its existence. Each image is a religion of the globe, based on the need for a program of orientation, religious demands. Can meet by humanistic religion – God is the image of the high self of guy, a signal of what guy ought to be. You are able to apply it when choosing which religion paralyzes human development – an authoritative religion – guy recognizes it is controlled with a high force. Allah is the holder of that which initially belonged to a guy, and he is alienated from himself. The choice between these 2 religions depends found on the financial, political base of society.

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