Philosophy Of Nature Cure

Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to Natures five elements- Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether- a composite representation of all forces of Nature.

Earth means the strong structure of our body, like our skeleton.
Water is representative of the body fluids like blood, etc.
Air- represents the breathing of lifetime,
Fire- symbolizes the energy and
Ether or Space- personifies the reflection of the human spirit- the Soul- the unseen aspect of the human entity.

In positive wellness, each of these ingredients is in balance and perfectly balanced. Any disturbance in this delicate balance due to any cause leads to a condition. Naturopathy aligns us with all the self-preservative will of Nature to safeguard and heal itself from within, by weeding out the undesirable, with a strong sense of will force.


Naturopathy is an art and the research of healthy living along with a drugless program of healing.

It is defined as a program of guy living in harmony with all the constructive principles of nature on bodily, mental, moral and spiritual planes of living.

The program has terrific wellness marketing, condition preventing, curative and restorative potential.

Naturopathy relies only on all-natural treatments including air, sunshine, water, relaxation, diet supplement and therapies including manipulative therapy, fasting, chromo therapy, magneto therapy, acupressure, herbals, physiotherapy, exercise (primarily yoga) together with relaxation techniques and meditation.

According to naturopathy, our body has its own recuperative energy. If provided a chance, the body heals itself.

As this universe is prepared up of the 5 ingredients – the world, water, air, fire and space; thus is the body. When these five ingredients are in harmony or balance, the body is healthy; when the balance between these ingredients are changed in the body, it leads to acute conditions, which if not removed within the root cause leads to condition. In such instances the remedy is found by using the same five ingredients.

The therapies in naturopathy are based on these five ingredients, like the mud therapy, hydrotherapy, air therapy, fasting therapy etc. Since the body is produced up of the same ingredients, the therapies based on these never cause negative effects or cause any accumulation of morbid matter

Naturopathy functions found on the following principles

Nature remedy functions because preventive plus curative.
Nature remedy believes the main cause of condition is accumulation of morbid matter except in trauma.
The acute condition is bodys effort to heal itself and could not be suppressed. If suppressed, it leads to chronic condition.
Nature remedy believes in healing the root cause of the condition instead of treating the symptoms.
Naturopathy treats a individual as a entire. The wellness is affected by various factors like bodily, mental, psychological, hereditary, ecological and social.

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