Piano Chords For Beginners – The Three Main Chords You Should Know on the Piano

Player piano

Player piano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the initial chord you ought to discover is how to play a main chord. And the simple formula for a main chord is the root note, then your not 2 methods away, then your note 1 step along with a half away. So the C main chord will be C, then 2 methods is E, then a step along with a half is G. So C, E, G is the C main chord.

Now the formula for playing the C minor chord is to take the next note that is E and reducing it 1 half step thus you have Eb. So the C minor chord is C, Eb, and G.

From there you are able to shape the Diminished chord, and what you do is lower the 3rd note 1 half step. So the C diminished chord is C, Eb, Gb. And you are able to apply that to any note found on the piano for acquiring the Major, Minor, and diminished chords.

Now the last standard chord you are able to shape is the Augmented chords. And what you do is take a main chord, and raise the 3rd note 1 half step. So a C augmented chord is C, E, and Ab.

These are the 4 standard chords you are able to play found on the piano. From there you are able to add aspects like main 9th and 11th and 13th. But you might get a piano chord chart that offers you all of the chords but it’s wise for you to understand how the chords are created and why they are created.

So to play the 9th chord the 11th and 13, you basically really rather of lookin at the scale as letters you count it as numbers. So should you are playing a C main chord, and you need to add a 9 to this chord that will provide it a fuller sound You merely count up 9 from C. So you end up with D and from there you might get the 11th only keep counting and you reach F. Then from there you keep going about the quantity 13 and you have your 13th note.

So basically the 9 is the next as well as the 11th is the 4th, as well as the 13th is the sixth. These are generally the same notes you really don’t ever call it a C 6th chord it is a C 13th chord. So the 13th is where you not just add the 13th but you add the 11th, 9th and seventh. You add these notes just to place a fuller sound to the chord so a C main 13th chord is C in your left hand and Bb in the left that is the seventh note. Then in your proper hand you have C, F, and A and you discount the E and G.

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