Piano Chords – What is the Difference Between Major and Minor Chords on the Piano?

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When you play the piano adding chords makes your playing wealthy and harmonious. The 2 many popular chords found on the piano are main and minor.

Quite just, in musical terms: main signifies happy and minor signifies sad. A chord is a group of 3 or even more notes played together. So you’ll understand about happy and sad tranquility!

The simplest and best chord to obtain found on the piano is the chord of C Major. This consist of the 3 alternate white notes C E G.

To find C find a set of 2 black keys. C is the white key instantly to the left of the 2 black keys. E is 2 notes above C. G is 2 notes above E.

To play the Chord of C Major in the appropriate hand spot your thumb on C, your center finger on E and your small finger on G. Form a obvious triangle with these 3 fingers. Play the chord cleanly and follow through in your wrist.

The sound is bright and happy. Congratulations, you have played your initial main chord!

Now for the minor: the doom, gloom and drama of music. You will do an convenient switch to play the chord of C Minor.

Your center finger is on E. Place that finger onto the black key instantly to the left. This really is called E flat. Your center finger may naturally be high than your alternative fingers. Ensure that you touch all 3 notes equally. The color pattern is white, black, white.

Play the C minor chord by playing C, E flat and G together. Notice how the sound has changed dramatically.

Switch amongst the chords of C main and C minor by moving your center finger from E to E flat and back.

Tip – this impact is accomplished from any main chord to shape a minor chord. It changes it from happy to sad.

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