Poetry and Life Transitions – A Book Review

Life is full of ups and down, and transitional chances or doorways that we either go through, or forever question what lifetime “would have been if,” and to further illustrate these mixed feelings, usually deep thinkers turn to poetry, as a method to deal with all the uncertainty. If this comment I’ve really produced resonates along with you, then maybe you could like to read some many good poetry on these subjects.

If thus, then allow me suggest among the ideal poetry books on “life’s transitional periods,” and once you commence reading it you’ll not be capable to place it down, and luckily you won’t have too, it’s lower than 100-pages. The book is called;

“1970 Poems; Transition,” by Leonard Harlig, self-published and printed at Anderson Graphics in Van Nuys, CA in 1970, (93 pages).

In 1970 the distinguished contemporary poet Leonard Harlig printed his transitional poetry books of 1970.

Each book is numbered and just 300 were printed, this really is indeed a collector’s item. You will see this book pop up on eBay occasionally and should you do, I recommend you purchase it and read it, savoring every word.

There are poems about the transition from military and war back to society, from teen to adulthood, from single to wedding, relocation of the family, changing of jobs, wellness transitions during later stages of existence, etc. Each poem hitting house, with thus much truth and honesty in each word, with merely a touch of cynicism to go together with the fact at hand; the irony of what exactly is, what exactly is purported, and what transpires. Anyway, you’ll really love it, thus please consider all of this.

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