Psychedelic Painting Art

Psychedelic art paintings are primarily inspired by the artist’s psychedelic experiences induced by hallucinogenic mind-expanding substances including psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and mescaline.

In popular parlance, “Psychedelic Painting Art” pertains above all to the art scene of the counterculture in the 1960s. Visual art had been a counterpart to the era’s psychedelic rock music as well as the free-spirited subculture.

Music festival posters, underground publications, album covers, comic books, lightshows, theater plays, videos, murals and more reflected not entirely the swirling kaleidoscopically patterns of LSD trips, but social, revolutionary political and religious sentiments inspired by experiences produced from these psychedelic states of notice too.

Some well-known samples of splendid psychedelic paintings and additional functions of art include brightly colored drawings on well-known rock group’s album covers like Abraxas (Santana), Disraeli Gears (The Cream), Their Satanic Majesties Request (The Rolling Stones) and Axis Bold as Love (The Jimi Hendrix Experience).

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