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Recording songs is a totally different creature from playing live. And whether you are starting a large studio or doing it on your own with a laptop computer and a DAW, there’s a few guitar-specific actions you can take to make the whole process get quicker and noise better.

1. utilize brand-new strings – you desire your electric guitar to seem it is best even if you’re working with a off-brand copy of Korean knockoff of a Strat.  And brand-new strings will be the easiest method to improve things.  They’ll give the professional an excellent brilliant noise to work with.  Make certain they may be great and stretched-out so they really cannot walk out stay tuned the middle of the track.  It’s my job to place my brand-new ones at the time before recording.  If you are performing many recording on a regular basis, remember to transform all of them everyone to fourteen days.  Otherwise you can get different sounding strings on various takes of a song, which makes it more difficult to edit later.

2. Tune before each take – On a similar note, you really need to tune your electric guitar before each take.  I’ll acknowledge i am they guy the professional is obviously shouting at tune before provides.  Additional unusual when I’m recording at home.  Your guitar will most likely not be that out-of-tune, but maintaining it fine tuned will, once again, make editing takes a lot easier later on inside blending process.

3. Pre-Production – Pre-production is a fancy word for “practice if your wanting to make it”.  You’ve got some leeway here if you should be working in a home studio.  But if you’re paying for studio time, you need to get in and get out as quickly as possible.  This means getting your parts totally down before you move base inside location.  And therefore means making sure your bandmates have actually their particular act collectively too.  And I constantly recommend playing the track reside lots before recording it, if possible.  It will make the arrangement tighter and allow any normal changes happen so you can get a overall performance possible on tape.  It really is like letting the song marinate before cooking it.

I made the error when of tracking a complete track when you look at the key of G.  Then finding out that I couldn’t sing it within the secret of G.  We had to capture most of the pitched devices again in the secret of F.  you can easily wager that are priced at myself a few extra dollars.  Study from my boo-boos youthful padawan.

Think about guitar solos?  If you are the nature that likes to write your solos, make sure it’s done before getting inside studio.  If you like to let ‘er tear of the fly, which is cool too.  But be sure that you have improvised your solamente thereon track at the very least 100 times before recording.  If you need to do over three or four takes to have a solo you want, you are blowing money.

4. keep off non-essential effects until combining – The cleaner the signal starting the board, the greater amount of freedom you must make changes later on during modifying and mixing.  You intend to have a very good fundamental sound taped and you can add most of the gooey reverb and wait you prefer down the road.

So, what’s considered crucial?  Maybe your overdrive or distortion if you’re working with a decent amp while like to capture that amp’s noise.  An actual Marshall nevertheless sounds better than any Marshall-style plugin.  If you should be making use of a wah pedal, that will oftimes be when you look at the initial signal besides because it’s a proper time impact.  In fact, anything that you need to manage in real time should be made use of during tracking.  But ditch the reverb, delays, phaser, flanger, as well as other such things. That all gets layered on later.

Though i am going to say if you a particular pedal that you don’t have a coordinating plug-in for, you need to capture it in the initial sign.  But, also capture an entirely clean form of the simply take without any pedal just in case you dislike it later on.  You are able to do that either by splitting the sign before the pedal to two tracks.  Or you can simply play it again.

5. keep carefully the overdrive/distortion down – Crunchy is great.  But when you have got your distortion jacked up way too high it will sound like white sound once you record it.  It will also seem slim and acquire lost when you look at the combine.  Drop your distortion to half everything use for live show.  Begin here and record some test takes to observe how it sounds.  A corollary to this is, let the engineer guide you.  Especially if you’re a new comer to recording and you will afford an event professional, utilize their expertise and let him help concentrate your guitar tone.

6. Small amps can appear great too – you do not need a wall of Mesa Boogie stacks getting a good guitar sound when tracking.  A number of the best noises on tape happen finished with small amps.  Monster amps can be used for huge volume.  Therefore have no need for that within the studio because you’re mic’ing and combining.  If amp sound good by it self you’ll work after that whilst still being get a massive noise.

If you use a larger amp, like a 4×12, mic just the most readily useful sounding presenter.  Placing the mic closer to the center of the speaker cone offers you a brighter sound.  Going the mic to the edge mellows it.

7. Use two mics – One close, one far – if you are in a good sounding area or studio, this can supply a fantastic natural reverb you’ll mix using dried out sign.  Put the 2nd mic about 5 foot from amp.  If for example the room doesn’t appear therefore hot or you simply don’t take a liking to the sound from it, you can always trash that additional reverb track later on.

8. Double track to thicken – This is the studio equivalent of a wall of Marshalls.  If you like a huge thick noise, double track your electric guitar components.  As you could simply reduce and paste the track, it’s the tiny variants in overall performance of several takes that really work nicely to beef it up.  Do at least two tracks.  Or get whole hog because of the old Metallica strategy of layering 30-40 paths of the same electric guitar component. Just be sure the remainder devices do not get lost within the blend.  Both you and I both understand the electric guitar is the most important but occasionally your bandmates thing they deserve become there also.

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  • Quang Tran 7 June, 2016 at 6:14 am

    I play guitar and intend to set up a recording studio. Thanks so much for sharing. Now I know what are needed
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  • Quang Tran 7 June, 2016 at 6:17 am

    I play guitar and intend to set up a home recording studio. Thanks for your sharing. Now I know what are needed.
    Quang Tran recently posted..Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews and RecommendingMy Profile

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