Review of Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

Guitar pedals
Photo by Terekhova
As a Bass player I was not a main enthusiast of sound suppression to start with, but when you play at significant volumes in not-so-great venues, you might really change your notice. I use an Ibanez full-range active bass with a Peavey 1000 Watts Kilobass head and Hartke HyDrive speaker cabinet.

Initially, as with many Boss pedals, the NS2 looked very well-made and sturdy. Simply having 3 knobs, I was easy and super rapid to dial in. “Don’t fix what aint broken” – You are able to almost state this about all Boss pedals. These pedals have continued to function as the ideal and many reliable pedals accessible.

It’s amazing the amount of sound that the NS2 may suppress. You instantaneously understand what you’ve been lost out found on the 2nd you step found on the switch. The “Threshold” and “Decay” knobs provide you complete control over “Cut”. If you wish To eliminate a lot, or simply a small, this pedal does the trick. And should you might like some controllable suggestions, this pedal might do the trick. And don’t forget about the Mode switch which really offers you the ability to employ the pedal as Mute switch.

Another cool feature that the NS-2 has is the possible to employ it in an effects loop. With 2 jacks on each side to run “Inline” with your pedal setup per the Output and Input jacks or through your loop with all the Send and Return jacks.

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