SADE at ACC – An Earth Shaking Performance

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Photo by Esther17

Sade Adu, lead singer of the band SADE returned to stage after more then a decade being off the map. Her past albums “Diamond Life” (1984) and “Lovers Rock” (2000) became classical additions to musical collections of soul and soft- rock fans all over the world. And finally, last evening her fans got a chance to find her reside at Toronto Air Canada Center.

I might not forget this show. It was mind-blowing!

John Legend and his band opened the evening with a set of ideal touching soulful rhythms creating a best romantic mood for the an future Sade performance. Folks were on their feet, dancing, and singing, waiting impatiently. Great voice, terrific music, beautiful stage dcor in 50’s prom evening design. All was fantastic, a small vitality boost, but you may feel that the leading “treat” was yet to come. During an intermission, DJ played some tunes to help an ambiance, but absolutely, everyone were at the edge of their seats waiting in tension, when “BAAM!” …. Lights went on, and there she was – Goddess, timeless beauty, lookin better then some females in their 20’s, really amazing. The crowd only went crazy applauding and screaming: “Sade we love you!”

The choice of her initial song – “Soldier of love” really set the mood for the entire evening, gradually uncovering Sade’s true essence.

Many of the songs in the show were from her 2 albums: ” The Best of Sade” and the latest “Soldiers of Love” (2010). She really knows what her fans are into. In no time everyone were dancing and singing along. This was my initially show in Air Canada Center that prepared me kick off my heels and submerge myself completely into music. And when everyone thought it couldn’t receive greater, she would surprise her fans with a brand-new outfit or state of the art scene set up, which, sometimes felt like a 3D, offering you a feeling of really being in the story of the song.

Emotional strength was slowly increasing through the show and reached its peak during “Pearls” and “Jezebel”, some persons broke in tears, touched deeply by the beauty of her voice and multitude of feelings she might provoke in peoples hearts. I was captivated by her soothing voice, which sounded really great, and, believe it or not, better reside then recorded!

It was far away from merely an average concert, a true performance, with perfectly thought stage shape, costumes, choreography, acoustics, movie, and total creation that sets the bar for all artists. And if I’ should wait another ten years for the show like this, I am up for it!

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