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Wyvern Interceptor
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Summer is almost upon us and with it comes a entire slew of future sci fi films. Confused as to what exactly is coming out? Below is a fast guide to a few of the largest genre movies coming shortly to a theatre near you.

Landing in May is the Marvel Comics take on Norse mythology, Thor. Featuring Chris Helmsworth as the title character, while Anthony Hopkins plays his dad, Odin. Known more for his Shakespeare function, director Kenneth Brannagh brings a different approach to the superhero genre.

Not to be left out, DC Comics and Warner Brothers are placing out Green Lantern in June. Test pilot Hal Jordan, played here by Ryan Reynolds, is provided a mysterious green ring by an alien that grants him untold force. Joining the additional 7 1000 Green Lanterns found on the world Oa, Hal is suddenly responsible for not merely saving Earth, defending the whole universe.

Bowing over the Fourth of July weekend is the newest epic featuring those metallic titans, Transformersn3: Dark Side of the Moon. Shia LaBeouf groups when more with Optimus Prime as well as the Autobots to reach a Cybertronian ship that has crash landed found on the moon before Megatron gets into it.

At the finish of July, the lengthy gestating Cowboys and Aliens featuring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig can finally create it’s first. Iron Man director Jon Favreau has kept items tightly under wraps thus far, but anticipate a severe, instead of silly take in this Sci-Fi Western.

In August a reboot/remake/prequel in the tireless Planet of the Apes franchise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is introduced. Set in the modern and attracting inspirations from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, actor Andy Serkis takes over within the late actor Roddy McDowall as Caesar, the initially ape to evolve into anything more.

Its launch date has been bounced around, but out some time this year is a companion part to John Carpenter’s movie The Thing, also known as The Thing. Not very a remake but more of the prequel, the story goes back to John Campbell’s authentic story, after the trip of Norwegians that has been found ruined in the authentic film. The manufacturers state that it is a seamless integration, but with none of the authentic movie machines concerned, 1 wonders how close they comes.

While the buzz on these future sci fi videos has been largely positive thus far, you are able to not tell until the final product reaches the screen. But with this guide, hopefully you have a greater idea of what to take into consideration.

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