Snare Drum Mixing Tips

In my judgment, the most compelling instruments in the genre of rock drums is the snare drum. Should you hear an good rock track, you’ll undoubtedly hear a first-class, effective snare drum.

Thinking back, my favored bands with sturdy and one-of-a-kind snare drums where Genesis, who could forget that gated reverb impact perfected by Phil Collins. Van Halen had a distinct snare drum sound and 1 of my many favorites is Led Zeppelin.

How do these snare drum sounds receive yielded? They receive built with all the form of snare drum utilized, the kind of microphones selected for the best and bottom of the snare drum, the kind of pre-amps selected for those microphones, as well as receive defined by the positioning of those microphones. There are extra recording techniques, and mixing techniques that create for a great snare drum sound.

I believe we could begin with EQ. Eq for a snare drum is different for every track. So these standard settings that I’m going to be providing you’re only that, general standard settings. Yuo should utilize your ears to dial in the correct EQ settings. never get into the trap of thinking there are set settings for EQ, compression and alternative sound effects, because there is not!

Attempt utilizing a high-pass filter set at 120Hz and under. 120Hz is an good beginning point and then merely slide the filter downward for desired cut.
Increase between 150 – 300Hz. This might fatten the snare drum up for you.
Try cutting about 400 – 900Hz to knock out some boxiness low end.
Increase between 5 – 7kHz for a crispness.
A boost between 9 – 15kHz might add some good brightness to the snare. Simply make certain it doesn’t interfere with all the vocals because range.

For thick snare sound: Increase +3dB around 100Hz, Q= 1.0, Cut -5dB around 2000Hz Q= 1.4, Increase +3dB 8000 Hz Q = 1.0
For a crispy and effective snare drum sound: Cut -3dB around 200Hz Q= 1.0, Increase 3dB at around 8000Hz Q=1.0

If your going to play about with these settings, you will want a parametric EQ. Parametric EQ’s have a setting for the Q.

Here are some fairly general compression settings:
Attack: 20ms to 60ms
Release: 30ms to 100ms
Threshold: – This depends found on the strength of the signal. It is set at -6dB or -16dB, depending on your data dB level.
Compression ratio: 2:1 to 6:1

Pan settings for a snare drum. Many individuals pan their snare drums dead center. But in fact, the snare is not dead center. Its either off to the left or right, depending on if the drummer is left handed or right handed. If the drummer is appropriate handed, you really need to pan the snare drum somewhat off to the proper and if your a left handed drummer, pan it somewhat to the left. When I state somewhat, I mean anything like 5 to 7 units, thus it may read +5 or -5, depending on if the drummer is right or left handed.

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