Subwoofers – Is One Enough?

Photo by Jeremy Toeman
From the beginning, we because people have been obsessed with acquiring how to emulate the fact around us. Though it started little, with a single speaker inside an analog driven tv, it was enough to amaze those viewing at the time. As time rolled on, development brought tv and motion pic fact closer to our living space, beginning with stereo sound and color tv, and then moving to movie cassettes and DVDs, and then surround sound, initially with merely a couple well-placed speakers, then moving to a true surround program around each viewer. Next we started utilizing subwoofers to really enhance every explosion, every shake, and every low-frequency impact that couldn’t be achieved with regular speakers. To place it merely, development exploded in a means that nobody may have expected, delivering impressive advances proper into our house theaters.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult for customers to become confused at all choices. Especially with sound, technologies continues to be growing. You may be wondering: do I want a subwoofer? And you have possibly come to the conclusion that you do. Then, your query can be, “why merely 1?” In today’s globe, two-channel LFE subwoofer systems are becoming more and more a fact, but if you receive a 2nd subwooder? So, through a couple fast regulations, we will allow you to know whether a next subwoofer can benefit you.


The initial and most crucial query you should review is the fact that of support; that is, “usually my program even help a 2nd subwoofer?” By default, many home theatre receivers help, at many, a 5.1 surround sound program, offering just a single channel, though new receivers are beginning to help bigger, more advanced speaker set-ups, like a 7.1, 9.1, or 9.2 channel, offering an additional output for a potential next subwoofer. But, whether or not your recipient doesn’t provide this next output, don’t think you can’t nonetheless get the advantage of the next subwoofer; with a easy Y-adapter, you are able to turn that single subwoofer output into 2, and in thus doing, enhance the bass in your program.

Room Configuration

Aside from compatibility, you could ask what a 2nd subwoofer can add to your house theatre, and you’re proper to do thus. For some, a next subwoofer may not add much that they don’t absolutely have, as a small space, or even more effective configuration, may take enough benefit of the effective enough sub, but for greater room, or less-potent subs, your bass output will probably be less-than-even. Apart from modifications you are capable to create to your configuration, you might eventually reach a point where, in purchase to receive the impact you want, you’ll have to expand your bass. Or maybe you’re just interested in a deeper or greater sound. Either method, a 2nd sub can be really the path to take.

Important Points – Don’t Forget

Be certain to not forget, nevertheless, in your look for a 2nd sub, it won’t constantly be enough to expand your theatre with only any subwoofer. To truly feel a difference with your subwoofer expansion, search for anything heavier, with a better frequency range or effectiveness than what you absolutely have. That means, when you feel the sound, you’ll feel the difference also, and not simply an heighten in amount. As is within all expansions, make certain that you’re willing and have planned sufficiently in the wiring to create it function, to avoid any unwanted frustration or losses. And, seeking standard subwoofers through LavaSubs, you’re bound to locate anything for any house theatre need, in a standard budget.

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