Adele (singer)

When you have effectively learned chords and scales, you’ll better be capable to master playing the piano and additional instruments. This really is because because shortly because you learn the standard musical chords, you are able to play music on any instrument including the keyboard, guitar, together with different stringed […]

So What Can A Free Piano Chord Chart Do For ...

Ambitions commonly comes true to existence, because lengthy because you really feel in your inside self and demonstrate a lucrative technique, you equally might end up an recognized singer. Assist me help you with all the inside scoop to aid you achieve your ultimate objective. Image refinement: Work towards conceiving […]

Fastest Way To Remain A Really Good Professional Singer

There are many songs named Funky Road. If you search on Internet you’ll find so many, but no one is named Phat Funky Road. Why Phat? Because in this new track I blend Funk ideas with Rock and harder rhythms. Well, not so hard, not exactly my style, but I […]

Phat Funky Road