Donald Trump

The present globe is suffused with gifted music aspirants that are making ending efforts ahead down with traveling colors into the music business. They continue struggling over summer and winter till they are able to leave an indelible level in the world of songs. But some have the ability to […]

License Music? An important Measure for Media Experts

There are numerous factors why a individual might want for a deeper voice. Maybe you may be a singer, hoping to achieve a deeper register to diversify your musical jobs. Maybe you’re some man that merely dislikes the significant pitch of the own voice. Whatever the cause, never feel alone. […]

Secrets to a Deeper Voice

If contemporary Americans may be transported to Italy in the 1700s, they might have trouble recognizing the pies sold at that time as pizzas. Although pizza had been accessible for centuries, they were lost almost all of the elements that are utilized now. For example, white sauce, not tomato sauce, […]

A Short Review Of The History Of Pizza

Ananda Sukarlan is an Indonesian composer and pianist living in Spain. This is an article he wrote for a magazine which has been published a few years ago in Spanish. We are very proud to have the original in English which has never been published anywhere, so this is an […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes