by Scott Ingram Photography We think that many of art museums could understand a small about land paintings “history”. If you manage an art gallery that sells land paintings, the following info can be helpful for you. This shape of painting became a separate genre in 16th century and by […]

How to Select an Art Gallery to Purchase Landscape Paintings

If contemporary Americans may be transported to Italy in the 1700s, they might have trouble recognizing the pies sold at that time as pizzas. Although pizza had been accessible for centuries, they were lost almost all of the elements that are utilized now. For example, white sauce, not tomato sauce, […]

A Short Review Of The History Of Pizza

This is a nice article from Isaac Marion. Isaac has been running the online textual variety show,, since 2003. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he works various mundane jobs while trying to make his writing/music/art career take off. Reading for fun Recent studies have shown that across the […]

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